In this article, I’m going to break down the absolute best breathing muscle trainers for strong lungs and improved pulmonary function.

Are you looking for the best breathing muscle trainers? Then you’ve definitely clicked on the right article because below, I have listed out the absolute best ones on the market to date. As a society, we place so much emphasis on exercising and working out all the muscles of our bodies, but unfortunately, we don’t pay enough attention to one of our most vital organs: our lungs.

This is why it’s so important to strengthen your lungs just as you would the other muscles in your body. But you may be thinking, “How am I supposed to strengthen my lungs? I don’t even know where to start!” Not to worry because in this list below, you can find the best breathing muscle trainers that will help you do just that. So let’s dive in; are you ready?

Best Breathing Muscle Trainers:

The Expand A-lung Breathing Fitness Exerciser is one of the best breathing exercisers that you can purchase on the market today, which is why it comes in at #1 on our list. This muscle trainer teaches your lungs how to breathe correctly while decreasing shortness of breath all at the same time.

If you take a quick glance at the reviews on Amazon, you get a great idea of just how good this one is. This isn’t a product that was made in China, but it is actually made in the USA, making sure that you are getting a high-quality piece of equipment. The best thing is that this device is fully adjustable and you can select the amount of resistance for each breath, ensuring that your lungs get the appropriate amount of tension to improve pulmonary function.

This breathing muscle trainer is another high-quality device that is suitable for anyone looking to improve lung strength. It’s best known for its very strong mouth seal, which makes sure that you don’t cheat while you are doing your breathing exercises. In other words, it does a great job of keeping air from leaking through the edges of the mouthpiece.

Another great thing about this breathing exerciser is the fact that the inspiratory and expiratory settings operate independently. This one is affordable, yet very high in quality and can be purchased directly from In general, it is very easy to use and is just as easy to clean, which makes it ideal for almost anyone.

If you are looking for a breathing exerciser that does more than just teach you how to breathe correctly, then you should take a close look at the POWERbreathe Plus 2. Not only does it improve your fitness and endurance levels, it also improves the performance of your inspiratory muscles as well (which are the important ones to help you fulfill the activities of daily living). This ultimately makes you a stronger and better version of yourself.

The POWERbreathe Plus 2 works to improve your lung capacity which will help you not only while exercising, but in all aspects of life. It has an adjustable tension range to choose the resistance that you are most comfortable with. It may come in at #3 on our list but still, you can’t go wrong with this muscle trainer.

The POWERbreathe Plus Pink Breathing Muscle Trainer is almost the same as the previous one we mentioned (#3), however, there are only minor differences. The big one is that its pink, which makes it a great option for all the ladies out there. 

This exerciser has been shown to be an effective modality for athletes to improve lung function. It does this by using a resistance technology that increases your inspiratory muscular strength. Again, this one is easy to use and clean, and is a great option for everyone (especially the ladies :)).

If you’re looking for a more advanced breathing trainer, then the EMST150 may be the one for you. With this trainer, you are concentrating on the expiratory muscles and the resistance is applied during expiration. Challenging and rewarding, all at once.

So basically what happens is when you breathe into the device, the resistance forces the alveoli (tiny air sacs) inside your lungs to open, which will increase the amount of air you are able to inhale, and also increase the elasticity of your lungs. This makes this the ideal lung trainer for my experts out there.

The Ultrabreathe Compact Exerciser is a great option for anyone who is dealing with shortness of breath. It can help boost your lung strength and ultimately shoot your respiratory performance through the roof. It does fall down at #6 on our list, but only because the other options are so great. If you get this lung trainer, you still will not be disappointed. 

This one is fully adjustable, which ensures that it will comfortable to you no matter how much resistance you choose to use. And, as your respiratory system gets stronger, you can increase the tension even more and watch as your lungs get stronger and stronger over time.

The POWERbreathe Plus Trainer is very similar to the other options on this list, however, it falls down at number seven due to the durability concerns. Most users have had great success with this device, but there have been only a few complaints. This is just something to keep in mind.

I haven’t tested this one myself, but I still think it would be a great option for someone looking to improve the strength of their lungs.

The Breath Builder Incentive Spirometer is completely different from the others on this list, and as a Respiratory Therapist, it is a device that I am all too familiar with. 

It is a device that increase lung expansion by helping you to breathe more deeply and fully. Basically, you take a big, deep breath in an as you the, the yellow lever will rise showing the how much volume of air you’re able to take in. As your lung compliance improves, your volumes will increase which show that your lungs are getting stronger and healthier. 

The PowerLung Trainer is one of the more professional breathing exercisers on this list, as it is the one that most professional athletes are using. That being said, it is also one of the most expensive options, which is why it falls all the way down to #9 on the list. But you get what you pay for, right?

The PowerLung Trainer is a simple device that, like the others, will definitely improve your lung function as long as you use the device appropriately. This will result in stronger lungs, better breathing, and a healthier you.

By using the BreathBooster Trainer just a couple of minutes each day, you will be able to increase cardiovascular endurance and reduce shortness of breath. But the key is, you must continue to use this device on a regular basis.

This one has also been shown to be effective for people with respiratory diseases like asthma and COPD. It may fall all the way down at number ten on our list, but you can’t go wrong with any of the previous options, as well as this one.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Now you can easily select one of the best breathing muscle trainers by using the list that I have provided for you here. One of the best ways to improve the quality of your life is by increasing the strength of your lungs, and you can do that by using one of these exercisers. Strong lungs = a strong you! Breathe easy, my friend.