Question Answer
List 4 types of bronchoscopy Virtual bronchoscopy, Flexible Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy(FFB), Rigid Bronchoscopy, Intubating Bronchoscopy
What does the initials FFB represent? Flexible Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy
What are the 4 surface structures located at the tip of the bronchoscope? Flexible tip, viewing handle, cold light source, channels for light lens outlet
How many degrees can a bronchoscope bend upward and downward? 130 degrees both ways
What are the viewing limits of a routine bronchosopy? Generation 5 (viewing), generaltion 4 (touching)
What 4 basic components are included on a bronchoscope handle? Thumb control, viewing eye piece, suction channel (insertion port), base
What is the basic vacuum pressure used with bronchosopies? Neonate 60-80, Pediatric 80-100, Adults 100-120
What usual accessories accompany a bronchoscopy cart set-up? Broncoscope, light source, meds, intubating supplies, suction, monitor, whatever needed specific for the procedure, syringe
What 4 drugs are commonly used with bronchoscopy? Atropine Sulfate – minimize secretions, bronchospasms, vasovagal reflex/Morphine Sulfate – cough, supression, analgesia/ Diazepam (Midazolam) – reduce anxiety/Lidocaine (1-4%) topical anesthia, controls bleeding both alpha & beta properties, dilator and c
What 4 common/possible complications from a bronchoscopy? Infection, V/Q mismatch, hemmorage, pneumothorax