Question Answer
When used properly, how much oxygen is delivered using a BVM? 100%
If PO2 increases what happens to PCO2? PCO2 decreases
The amount of air moved into and out of the lungs in 60 seconds is called what? Minute volume
What effect does anaerobic metabolism have on CO2 production? CO2 production is increased
Inhaled air contains 21% oxygen, how much does exhaled air contain? 16%
How many rescuers are recommended when using a BVM Two
How much oxygen is delivered by a NRB mask at 15LPM? 95%
Vecuronium and rocuronium are examples of what type of paralytics? Non-depolarizing agent
How long should you apply suction to a patient? 12-15 Seconds
_______ is located in the pons above the respiratory center and has an inhibitory effect on _______. Pneumotaxic inspiratory center
How is adequate tidal volume checked when using a BVM? When you have chest rise
What is considered normal SPO2 measurement in a healthy adult? 95-100%
The average tidal volume of an adult is ____? 500-600mL
Valium, versed, and Ativan are examples of _____ and are used for _____ during intubation? Benzodiazepines, sedation
36. What is the flow rate for a BVM? 15LPM
What is the correct dose for giving succinylcholine A) 1-1.5 mg/kg
26. If PO2 increases what happens to pH? C) pH increases (alkalotic)
40. At what rate should a pediatric patient be ventilated? 12-20BPM
19. Tidal volume multiplied by respirations equals what? Minute volume
50. What is considered normal ETCO2 measurement in a healthy adult? 35-45
What determines carbon dioxide production in the body A) The bodies rate and type of metabolism.
When the diaphragm contracts, what happens to the pressure gradient in the lungs? Intrathoracic pressure in the lungs decreases causing a vacuum and air to rush into the lungs
_____ agents invade the neuromuscular junction and bind to the receptors for Ach, and often cause fasciculations. Depolarizing
48. What position should a nontrauma patient be put in prior to intubation? C) Sniffing position
11. What type of tissue allows for diffusion to occur easily? A) Simple Epithelial
8. What is the anatomical structure where the left and right bronchus divide? Carina
20. What is the percentage of oxygen in room air? 21%
58. What drug should be considered before intubating a pediatric patient? Atropoine
When does a hemoglobin molecule reach full saturation? PO2 80–100mmHg
What drug is considered when intubating a patient with increased ICP and what dose? A) Cocaine 1-2 g B) Lidocaine .1-.2 mg/kg C) Lidocaine 1-2 mg/kg D) Atropine .5 mg C) Lidocaine 1-2 mg/kg
55. Succinylcholine is an example of what type of paralytic? A) Non-depolarizing B) Depolarizing C) Sedative D) Narcotic Depolarizing
What is the state of decreased oxygen content in the blood stream? A) Hypoxia B) Alkalosis C) Acidosis D) Hypoxemia Hypoxemia