Here is a sample of the answers for the Egan’s Workbook Answers Chapter 3. For rest of the answers, check out our Workbook Helper. We have both the 10th and 11th Edition available.

1. A. Patient movement and ambulation, B. Electrical hazards, C. Fire hazards 

2. A. Bed rest promotes atelectasis, can cause bed sores, B. Ambulation reduces length of stay, maintains normal body functions 

3. Minimizes the likelihood of injuries 

4. Level of consciousness, color, breathing, strength, complaints 

5. A. Attitude, B. Culture, C. Self-concepts, D. Feelings, E. Prior Experiences 

6. A. Share information instead of telling, B. Relate to people instead of controlling, C. Value disagreement as much as agreement, D. Eliminate threatening behavior, E. Use effective nonverbal communication


For the rest of the answers, check out the Workbook Helper

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