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1. Yaunker Suction

2. See table

3. A. Maintains PEEP and oxygenation. Decreases exposure to body fluids and risk of cross contamination and potentially cost.
B. Weight, airway resistance, ventilator triggering

4. Coude catheter with bent tip

5. Nasopharyngeal airway

6. “Sputum trap” is its common name; it’s also called a “specimen container.”

7. Unilateral lung disease; independent lung ventilation (ILV)

8. A. One line is for the high-pressure injection.
B. The other can be used for humidification, liquids, and pressure monitoring.

9. Evac tubes are intended to reduce the incidence of VAP.

10. Orotracheal or oral intubation


For the rest of the answers, check out the Workbook Helper

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