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1. Flammable: liable to catch fire; readily combustible.

2. Nonflammable: not liable to catch fire; not readily combustible.

3. Oxidizing: combine or become combined chemically with oxygen.

4. Bourdon Gage: an instrument for measuring the pressure of gases or liquids, consisting of a semicircular or coiled, flexible metal tube attached to a gauge that records the degree to which the tube is straightened by the pressure of the gas or liquid inside

5. Thorpe Tube: an instrument used to directly measure the flow rate of a gas in medical instruments. It consists of a connection to a gas source, a needle valve opened and closed by turning an attached dial for control of flow rate, a float resting in a clear tapered tube, and an outlet port.

6. Reducing Valve: A valve that reduces gas pressure.

7. Regulator: device that controls both pressure and flow

8. Flowmeter: an instrument for measuring the rate of flow; controls the flow of gas.

9. Zone Valves: a part of the gas supply system that must be turned off in the emergency of a fire, or for repairs.


For the rest of the answers, check out the Workbook Helper

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