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1. Physical injury sustained as a result of exposure to pressures above normal

2. The time needed to deflate an alveolus and are equal to the product of compliance × resistance.

3. Inadvertent build-up of positive pressure in the alveoli due to incomplete exhalation

4. The pressure differential between body surface and airway opening pressure

5. A complication of mechanical ventilation in which a patient’s spontaneous pattern of breathing is not synchronous with the pattern offered by the ventilator

6. Alveoli ventilated at low lung volumes allowed to expand and collapse repeatedly

7. The area under the pressure-time curve of a breath.

8. The difference between alveolar pressure and pleural pressure

9. Transpulmonary pressure

10. Transthoracic

11. Transairway


For the rest of the answers, check out the Workbook Helper

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