Here is a sample of the answers for Chapter 5 of the Egan’s Workbook. For rest of the answers, check out our Workbook Helper. We have both the 10th and 11th Edition available.

1. Ethics are comprised of details regarding how one should act in different situations. 

2. Establish parameters of behavior for the group. 

3. Patient rights and professional obligations should be considered first and foremost. Ask yourself: Is this fair or equitable to the patient? Is it harmful? 

4. When working in managed care, there is great responsibility in making decisions about the allocation of care resources. Within the text, there is discussion regarding documentation in regard to relaying reliable information and reimbursement, among other common problems. 

5. It is important to maintain confidentiality, for both legal and ethical purposes. If cases or patients should be discussed, these conversations should be held in private locations. To have them in a cafeteria, elevators, or other public places is inappropriate. 

6. Because of a breach of confidentiality, the student in question could be reprimanded or asked to leave the program. Breaking confidentiality may lead to possible litigation by the family involved. 

7. This case is not unlike that of Mini Clinic on confidentiality on page 89. This section of the text highlights effective methods of handling confidentiality issues. For example, a simple way of doing so would be to remind the classmate about talking about patients in a public space. 

8. As a result of new confidentiality laws, this could be considered a violation. 

9. …..


For the rest of the answers, check out the Workbook Helper

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