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1. The primary goals of ECMO are to provide adequate oxygen delivery and remove carbon dioxide while the lungs and/or heart recover, or in some cases until the lungs or heart can be transplanted.

2. A. Venoatrial (VA)
B. Venovenous (VV)
C. Arteriovenous (AV)

3. RTs have a strong science background, a thorough understanding of cardiopulmonary physiology, and the ability to handle and manage highly technical equipment.

4. A. ECMO for cardiac support
B. ECMO as a bridge for lung transplant

5. See answers

6. A. Dissolved in plasma
B. In red blood cells bound to hemoglobin

7. ECMO systems are intended to temporarily support the cardiac and pulmonary function of the patient who cannot maintain adequate tissue oxygen delivery. Basically, ECMO has the task of pumping the blood, delivering oxygen to the blood, and removing CO2.


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