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1. The term ventilator dependent is usually reserved for patients who need ventilatory support for lengthy periods (i.e., 2 weeks or more) or who have not responded to attempts at ventilator discontinuation.

2. A. Weaning is a gradual process for difficult cases
B. Most patients are rapidly taken off once the problem is resolved

3. A. Those for whom removal is quick and routine, which is normally the vast majority of ventilated patients
B. Those who need a more systematic approach to discontinuing ventilatory support, which is normally about 15% to 20% of ventilated patients
C. Those who require days to weeks to wean from ventilatory support, which is usually less than 5% of ventilated patients
D. Those ventilator-dependent or “unweanable” patients, who compose less than 1% of patients who require ventilatory support
E. Those who have no chance for survival in whom the ventilator is discontinued while comfort measures are provided, normally referred to as terminal weaning.

4. A. Level of ventilation
B. Compliance
C. Resistance
D. Mechanical factors that increase WOB


For the rest of the answers, check out the Workbook Helper

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