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1. The area of mood, emotion, or feeling

2. The area of mental processes such as memory and reasoning

3. A process of planned learning opportunities that will enable individuals to make informed decisions about their health

4. The combination of educational, economic, and environmental support necessary for behavior conducive to health including disease prevention and wellness activities

5. The area of observable performance of skills that must have some degree of neuromuscular coordination

6. A. Heart disease
B. Cancer
C. Chronic lower respiratory disease

7. Because they are largely preventable and have such a high cost to society

8. The learning plan can be clarified with written objectives. In turn, written objectives can help to develop a lesson plan, because objectives lay out what is to be accomplished as well as directions for how to achieve this and evaluate it.

9. A. Begin with a “at the end of the lesson the patient will be able to.”
B. Write an action verb: demonstrate.
C. Add a condition: “given an inhaler and a spacer.”
D. Write a standard: in 5 minutes or less.


For the rest of the answers, check out the Workbook Helper

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