Here is a sample of the answers for Chapter 6 of the Egan’s Workbook. For rest of the answers, check out our Workbook Helper. We have both the 10th and 11th Edition available.

1. Decrease in temperature and increase in pressure (and a storage system) 

2. Rapid cooling occurs, or a drop in temperature 

3. Potential energy is energy of position; and Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. Gases are
mostly in the form of Kinetic energy. 

4. Temperature 

5. Temperature, pressure, humidity level in the air 

6. The water vapor condenses when the hot exhaled air meets cold room air. 

7. Gas laws 

8. The volume of gas will expand. 

9. Charles’s law 

10. Pressure will increase in the cylinder. 

11. Guy-Lussac’s law 

12. Decreases 

13. Boyle’s Law 

14. ….. 


For the rest of the answers, check out the Workbook Helper.


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