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1. A. EHR: Electronic Health Record – is the sum of all EMRs produced by a patient during the different encounters with various health care entities throughout a lifetime.
B. EMR: Electronic Medical Record – represents the computerized record produced every time the patient (or consumer) uses health services. The EHR is owned by the patient, whereas, the EMR (“the chart”) is owned by the hospital or health care delivery organization. The terms are so closely related that EHR is usually used to describe both concepts. 

2. Picture archiving and communication system (PACS) is an application that allows for imaging storage, portability, communication, and clinical integration of all imaging modalities with the EHR. It gives RCPS remote access to the patient’s digital imaging studies which has become an important element in the delivery of care. 

3. A. At once, data such as billing and charting can be instantly sent to multiple locations. B. This is efficient because providers don’t have to complete paperwork. C. You can go online to look up information. 

4. “Benchmarking” refers to a comparison of your results to those gathered by other RT departments as well as the national norm. One example of this may be seen in Egan’s, as what is known as nosocomial pneumonia. 

5. A. The cessation of tobacco can be carried out online. Here, clinicians extract information from the database to analyze their results. B. Disease management is a socially relevant area of care as chronic disease accounts for 75% of all our health care expenditures. With technology, communication with and the monitoring of clients is made exponentially easier. 

6. Telemedicine is useful in amplifying access for those out of local range and allows therapists to care for patients from a distance. 


For the rest of the answers, check out the Workbook Helper.


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