What if you knew exactly what was going to be on the TMC Board Exam before you took it?

How do you think you would do? I bet you would feel pretty confident. And for good reason. 

Well what if I told you that now you pretty much can?

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The Problem is..

The NBRC can literally ask you anything on the exam!

As I’m sure you’re well aware, there is a ton of information that you must know! Basically everything you’ve learned in Respiratory school is up for grabs, for test questions. I’ll be honest, it’s a lot… And it’s not easy!


But that’s where we come in to help.

The Solution..

We know what questions they will likely ask you, and we have pinpointed exactly what information you need to focus on and study the most.

So no more wasting time studying the wrong things. With this Cheat Sheet, you’ll know the information that you should focus on the most, and how you should spend those important studying hours most effectively. 

It’s important to use your mental energy wisely during test preparation. For example, many students I know stress and stress over the math and calculations questions. And they don’t need to! Because on the actual exam, you’re only going to see 2-3 of those pesky math questions! So we recommend that you not spend much, if any time studying that information.

Instead, we will tell you which sections to study that will likely have 10 or more questions, which is way more significant. This may sound bizarre (because there’s so many formulas to memorize), but it’s a fact. Spending hours and hours learning a portion that will only make up 2 questions on you exam just sounds silly, right?

Of course it does. So in this Cheat Sheet, you’ll learn where you need to be spending your time.

Got it?

The Cheat Sheet is broken down into 17 sections, including the following:

Patient Assessment

Infection Control

Arterial Blood Gases

Pulmonary Function Testing

Advanced Cardiopulmonary Monitoring

Oxygen and Medical Gas Therapy

Humidity and Aerosol Therapy

Hyperinflation Therapy

Mechanical Ventilation


Airway Clearance Therapy

Cardiac Monitoring and CPR

Airway Management

Home Care and Pulmonary Rehab

Suctioning and Special Procedures

Patient Assessment

Here’s a sample of what’s inside:

As you can see, these tips will not only tell you how to study, but also exactly what to study. We’re not some corporation or company like from your textbooks. I’m a recent graduate from Respiratory school myself, and a newly working RRT. So I was just in your shoes and I know what the test is like, because I’ve seen it and taken it first-hand.

Fortunately I was able to pass the exam on my first try, and I want to share with you what I learned during my experience taking the exam so I can help you do the same. 

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