Tools & Resources

These are the absolute best tools and resources for Respiratory Therapists and students!

Readers often ask me what resources I use to get things done on the job. I’ve created this page as a handy reference. These are the absolute best tools that I use on a daily basis. I couldn’t make it a day at work without the things on this list and I’m confident it will help you out as well. This page will change over time as I discover new tools, so I recommend you bookmark it as a reference.


In order to do your job, a stethoscopestethoscope is a must. You will use this many times throughout the day, even as a student during your clinical rotations. My favorite is the 3M Littmann Classic III. It’s affordable and I can always hear breath sounds very clearly. It comes in every color, too.

Pulse Oximeter

This is another tool you will pulse oximeteruse every day of your life. You’ll need to take vital signs for the pre- and post-assessment of each patient you see. The one I use is the Accu-rate Pro Series Pulse Oximeter. For the price, you can’t beat it.




Comfortable scrubs are a Scrubsmust. You’ll be spending all of 12 hours each shift you work, so you’re going to need something you’ll feel good in. I like the Grey’s Anatomy for both guys and gals. I always find the best deals on Amazon.

Running Shoes


A good, comfortable pair of shoesTennis Shoes is also a must. 12 hours is a long time on your feet. You’re going to need a pair of shoes with good support. Your feet will thank you later. I like the Brooks Andrenaline tennis shoes the best.


This one’s for the ladies. I always see Danskothese being worn by most female healthcare professionals at the hospital I work. They swear by them. Personally, I can’t say I’ve ever worn them, but for so many the wear them, they must be good. You can find Dansko clogs on Amazon.

Pocket Guide


I had this little PocketPocket Guide Guide as a student for clinicals and I still use it today. It has so much information packed into one little book that you can fit right into your pocket. It serves as a good study resource for students during downtime.


This little guy helps me stayRT Clipboard organized. I purchased one as a student and still continue to use it today. This Respiratory Clipboard is covered in useful text and images. I do have most of the content memorized today, but it really helped me learn as a student.


These aren’t required in most Scissorshospitals. But I always like to keep a pair of Medical Scissors on me at all times, just in case. Trust me, as a Respiratory Therapist, you’re going to see some crazy stuff. I use mine more often that you’d think.


Pen Light

And the same goes for this little Penlightguy. Not required but comes in handy at times. I use my Penlight mostly to check for skin breakdown during my pre-assessment. This one works well for me. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.