Question Answer
NMBAs or Neuromuscular Blocking Agents are also called? Paralytics or Muscle relaxants
What are the primary (4)clinical uses for NMBAs? Intubation Surgery Enhance CO2 removal-ventilator sychronicity Reduce intercranial pressure (ICP)
What neurotransmitter is effect by NMBAs? Acetylcholine (ACh)
NMBAs are divided into 2 types, what are they? Depolarizing and Nondepolarizing
What is the only depolarizing agent now available? Succinylcholine
What enzyme inactivates Acetylcholine (ACh)? Acetlycholinesterase (AChE)
What is the function of acetylcholine in the nervous system? Transmission of nerve impulses
Uncoordinated muscle contractions caused by some NMBAs are called? Fasciculations
What is considered an ideal NMBA for intubation and why? Succinylcholine (depolarizing agent) because of its quick onset (60-90sec) and its short duration (10-15min)
T/F? A conscious Pt who receives skeletal muscle relaxants (NMBA) can still feel pain. True-It is always required to administer a sedative prior to paralyzing (use of NMBA)
T/F? Use of skeletal muscle relaxants (NMBA) results in complete apnea True-Pt has inadequate ventilation/oxygenation and is probably hypercapnic/hypoxemic
What are nondepolarizing NMBAs used for? Maintenance of Pts on invasive mechanical ventilation
What are the potential side effects of a depolarizing agent? Decreased B/P Bradycardia Increased K+ Muscle soreness Histamine release
What are some of the uses fro non-depolarizing NMBAs? Mechanical ventilation Status ashmatics ARDS Trauma
How can non-depolarizing NMBAs be reversed? Make more ACh available by using aceytlcholinesterase inhibitors
A Pt using Lithium should indicate what? He/she has BiPolar disorder.
Which type of sedative/tranquilizer is most effective? Benzodiazepine are most effective.
What is another name for narcotic agents? Opiates
What drug is used to antagonize the effects of opiates? Naloxone (Narcan)