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What is Cardio Pulmonary Stress Testing? Tests the function of the heart & the lungs when a stress is placed on them. Also known as Exercise Tolerance testing. It involves walking on a tread mill while heart and ventilation is monitored.
What are the Measurements associated with the Cardio Pulmonary Stress Testing? 1. ABG- measured before&after to assess ventilation& Oxygenation pH should decrease 2.ECG -check HR, Rhythm & signs of stress 3. Pulmonary function- FVC,FEV1 4.Lactic acid & BP – go up w/ exercise 5. Vd/Vt ratio should decrease as ventilation increases
What is the maximum heart rate identified in a Cardio Pulmonary Stress Testing? It can be used to identify appropriate exercise and cardiac stress level for home exercise program. Target HR-max. of 75%.
What is Sleep Testing for Sleep Apnea? It measures various indicators during sleep to identify the presence of sleep apnea and determined it is nature, if nature is obstructive or central.
What is the other name for Sleep Apnea Testing? Polysomnography
What are the sypmtoms of sleep Apnea? 1. Pt. Snores @ night. 2. Able to sleep @ any time day or night. 3. Pt. describes own sleep patterns as good. 4. Pt. feel sleepy during the day. 5. Multiple urination times during the night.
How do you monitor Sleep Apnea? 1.Ventilation- thru Nasal air flow device.2. ECG 3.Pulse oximeter -measure SaO2 4. Inductive Plethysmography -bands around chest to detect chest movement. 5. time table- all above monitors are recorded on same time-associated graph so correlations is seen
How do you interpret sleep apnea from the data monitored? 1. if decrease in nasal airflow & decrease in respiratory effort(chest movement) is observed, then problem is CENTRAL SLEEP APNEA. 2. if decrease in nasal airflow & increase in respiratory effort is observed, then problem is Obstructive SLEEP APNEA.
What are the treatments for the sleep Apnea? 1. Continous positive Airway pressure (CPAP) during sleep- Nasal/full-face CPAP/BIPAP. 2.Be sure to send pt. home w/ treatment.- machine, mask &educational materials.
What are Some of the supportive therapy that includes Sleep Apnea 1. Obstructive Apnea- Weight Loss, Surgical resection of soft tissue in the upper airway & Bypass upper airway w/ Tracheostomy. 2. Central Apnea- Administer respiratory stimulants (Dorpram for adults, Aminophylline for infants).