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Let’s face it, Respiratory Therapy school is hard! If your program is anything like mine, you probably feel like you never get a break from the madness! I know I felt this way because I had…

Multiple tests every week
Homework and busywork
Lab check-offs
12-hour clinical days
Projects and presentations
Board Exam prep

Sound familiar?

My name is Johnny Lung and I’m a Registered Respiratory Therapist, just like you will be soon. I was in your shoes not long ago. I’d like to offer you a piece of advice. If you only take one thing away from here, let it be this:

Don’t try to go at it alone! 

Because there’s no need for you to!

It’s our goal here to make life easier for you as a Respiratory Therapy student. All the things we mentioned earlier, the tests, homework, and prep for the TMC Exam; we can help you with all of that!

To Start, Check Out some of What we Have to Offer:

Test Bank

Find the answers to the questions you’ll see on your exams. We may have them. 


Our Books will truly make your life easier as a Respiratory Therapy student.


Our courses can guide you every step of the way & teach you exactly what you need to know.

Practice Exam

Designed to mimic the actual TMC Exam. Loaded with 160 questions. It’s free!

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We’re on this journey together!

And I look forward to helping you reach the finish line. The world needs more good Respiratory Therapists and I want to help you become one. I want this website to be the ultimate guide for students that unfortunately I never had.

So are you ready to get started? Thank you so much for stopping by, I’m really glad you’re here!

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