Respiratory Therapy Zone has helped thousands of students become Respiratory Therapists.

And now we want to help you on your journey to becoming a Respiratory Therapist as well.

Let’s face it, Respiratory Therapy school is hard! If your program is anything like mine, you probably feel like you never get a break from the madness! I know I felt this way because I had…

Multiple tests every week
Homework and busywork
Lab check-offs
12-hour clinical days
Projects and presentations
Board Exam prep

Sound familiar?

My name is Johnny Lung and I’m a Registered Respiratory Therapist, just like you will be soon. I was in your shoes not long ago so I know the pain you may be experiencing.

I’d like to offer you a piece of advice. It’s something I wish I knew as a Respiratory Therapy student.

If you only take one thing away from here, let it be this:

Don’t try to go at it alone! 

Because there’s no need for you to!

It’s our goal here to make life easier for you as a Respiratory Therapy student. All the things we mentioned earlier, the tests, homework, and prep for the TMC Exam; we can help you with all of that!

To Start, Check Out Some of What We Have to Offer:

Test Bank

Our massive bank of practice questions can help you prepare for your exams.


Our books have helped thousands of Respiratory Therapy students pass the board exams.


Our courses can teach you everything you need to know to pass boards on your next attempt.

Practice Exam

Our TMC Practice Exam is designed to mimic the real thing. Oh yeah, did I mention that it’s free?

Download a copy of our FREE Book

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We’re on this journey together!

And I look forward to helping you reach the finish line. The world needs more amazing Respiratory Therapists and it’s my mission to help you become one. My goal is to help you succeed in Respiratory Therapy school and to help you pass the boards exams as well when that time comes. I want this website to be the ultimate guide for students that, unfortunately, I never had as a student. 

So are you ready to get started? I hope that you are, and I hope that you’ll download a copy of our free cheat sheet as well if you haven’t done so already.

Thanks again for stopping by! I’m so grateful that you’re here. If you need anything, you can always send me an email. I wish you the best of luck on your journey to becoming a Respiratory Therapist and as always, breathe easy, my friend!