Respiratory Therapy Books

We’re striving to provide books that can truly make your life easier as a Respiratory Therapy Student.

Below we’ve provided links to some of our best-selling eBooks and study guides that have already helped thousands of students pass the board exams.

? Keep in mind, our study guides are eBooks which means that they are digital books in the PDF format. After you purchase, the eBook will be delivered to your email address instantly. We do not offer physical hard copies at this time. 

TMC Test Bank

Our TMC Test Bank is the best and largest bank of practice questions for the TMC Exam in the world. It’s loaded with hundreds of practice questions along with detailed rationales that explain exactly why the answer is correct. Audio is included as well.

TMC Exam Hacks

This book contains my best tips, tricks, and insights that I learned while taking (and passing) the exam myself. The biggest reason I see students fail is because they spend too much time studying the wrong things. This book can help you focus on the right topics.

TMC Exam Bundle

Do you like to save money? I know you do! You can now save up to 25% when you purchase our TMC Bundle Package. Note: This is only for students who are serious about passing the TMC Exam on their next attempt. If that’s you, go ahead and take advantage of this discount.

TMC Practice Exam Results

This eBook gets you access to the results of our TMC Practice Exam that we offer here on our website. It provides you with detailed rationales that explain exactly why the answer is correct and why the other choices are incorrect. This is crucially important in regards to learning the information.

9 TMC Exam Questions

In this eBook, you get access to TMC Practice Questions that you are virtually guaranteed to see on every version of the TMC Exam. We break each one of them down for you so that you can pinpoint to correct answer and truly learn and grasp this required information. Are you ready to get a leg up?

RRT Cheat Sheet eBook

Make sure to grab your copy of our free eBook — the RRT Cheat Sheet. It’s got some amazing tips and tricks that can help you start preparing for the TMC Exam. Students can’t believe that we give it away for free. But that’s our #1 goal — to help you succeed as a Respiratory Therapy Student.