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We’re so grateful for all the amazing testimonials and reviews that we’ve received from students over the years. It’s truly a great feeling to see how our products and materials have helped so many Respiratory Therapy Students around the world.

Take a look below to see what students are saying about us. 🙂

Featured Testimonials

“Respiratory Therapy Zone continues to be a dedicated site delivering the best tips, tricks, quizzes, videos, and posts to help Respiratory Therapy students. I am constantly amazed with the quality of content delivered. Thank you for helping me get through my RT program by having an awesome outside source to rely on.”

Garry K. SRT

“Respiratory Therapy Zone is an amazing website for RT students and practicing Respiratory Therapists! They offer everything from information to brush up on your knowledge, practice questions for boards and even advice on entering the field after graduation. You can find pretty much everything you need here!”

Aimee C. RRT

“The website is what the Respiratory Therapy world needed! I literally don’t think I could have made it through the program without it. And I’m especially thankful for their board prep materials. They helped me pass on my first attempt, and thankfully they’re much more affordable than the other study guides out there.”

Joy A. RRT

Respiratory Therapy Zone has been extremely helpful from day 1 of the RT program and I plan to continue to use them as a resource when I’m a practicing RT. They provide a wide assortment of study materials that covers an unlimited amount of respiratory-related topics from practice exams to educational videos. I recommend anyone to take full use of their resources and you will not regret it. Thank you for being part of my Respiratory journey.

Elaine R. SRT

Respiratory Therapy Zone has been super helpful for me as a 2nd semester RT student. Their practice questions challenge my brain and make me think. The best part is when I see pics of equipment I’m currently working with or learning about. Makes me excited to learn more!

Susanna H. SRT

“Thank you for your support and for creating all the amazing study guides! The Exam Hacks and tidbits that are inside definitely helped me pass the Clinical Sims.”

Migdalia E. RRT

“Respiratory Therapy Zone has been extremely helpful. I feel so much more confident that I will pass my board exams thanks to them!”

Syreta Y. SRT

“I found Respiratory Therapy Zone months ago and I’m so glad I did! Their practice questions are awesome! And they help to keep my mind learning while scrolling through Instagram and bring positivity while getting through school! Thank you for this page!”

Taylor G. SRT

“I definitely feel like Respiratory Therapy Zone has helped me so much in preparation for my TMC Exam in May. The study guides on the website, explanations of material, pop quizzes via social media/email and definitely the practice TMC exam made it possible for me to pass the practice exam my professor gave me in class THE FIRST TIME. I log on every day just to refresh my memory on things I haven’t seen in a while or polish my skills on things we’re currently going over. I’m looking forward to their CSE guides as well!”

Robin G. SRT

“Respiratory Therapy Zone was the reason I was able to pass the Clinical Sims. I recommend them to all of my classmates.”

Samantha G. RRT

“Every time I get on Instagram Respiratory Therapy Zone always gives great information to help me along my respiratory journey. Whether it’s the Q & A’s or even just seeing other students testimonies — every little piece has helped me to become a better respiratory therapist.”

Alexis U. SRT

“The thing I appreciate about this site is the way they promote challenging practice questions and topics over the fundamentals of Respiratory Therapy. They keep the information basic and easy to understand without all the complicated nonsense; this helps me refresh my memory, keep things simple and prepares me that much more so for board exams. Thanks RTZ, keep the lingo coming.”

Timothy A. RRT

“I love the sense of connection I feel from Respiratory Therapy Zone seeing students from all over the world sharing the same educational experience as me.”

Preethi S. SRT

Respiratory Therapy Zone Student Review Testimonial

“I just wanted to say thank you for the material that you put out! It makes me so happy that you are genuinely dedicated to helping fellow RT’s pass these exams. Your study guides are what helped me pass! Thank you so much!”

Brittany E. RRT

“Shoutout to Respiratory Therapy Zone and their study guides for the Clinical Sims! They’re the reason I was able to easily pass the exam with a score of 323 out of 388.”

Xhovana P. RRT

I love following the Respiratory Therapy Zone social media pages because it reminds me of everything I’ve learned and gives me a great refresher. I also love their practice questions to try and challenge myself! There have some great resources and I highly recommend that you review all the posts before the TMC and Clinical Sims! Great refreshers!

Megan L. RRT

“Respiratory Therapy Zone is by far my favorite respiratory page! They have a free “RRT cheat sheet” book that is amazing! I plan on purchasing their practice questions TMC book when I take my NBRC exam in a few months to make sure I’m fully prepared and ready to pass.”

Sadie J. SRT

I didn’t discover Respiratory Therapy Zone until I was done with school, but they remain a valuable tool in helping me keep my knowledge fresh. They provide a few laughs via memes and anecdotes for those long tough days. They also provide a great way to network with fellow RTs! I definitely recommend them to all of my students.

Trevor W. RRT

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