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4 Best Bioresonance Therapy Devices for Sale (2023 Updated Reviews)

by | Updated: Jan 28, 2023

For the average consumer, it can be difficult at times to find the best bioresonance therapy devices for sale online. That’s because, there really isn’t a whole lot of information out there.

So that is exactly why we created this article — to help make that process easier for you. Below, we provided reviews for some of the best bioresonance therapy machines that anyone can purchase on their own. So if you’re ready, let’s go ahead and dive right in. 

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Our Top Recommendations for Bioresonance Therapy Machines:

Now that you’ve seen the quick-list of our top recommendations, let’s dive deeper into some more detailed reviews.

Best Bioresonance Therapy Devices for Sale:

We’re kicking off our list with the Medicomat-39 New Health Management Instrument Computer System. Medicomat is known for producing many high-quality therapy devices for home and clinic use and this one is no exception.

The Medicomat-39 is an easy to use bioresonance device that allows you to examine your own health. It’s quick, efficient, and painless. The device tracks changes in the body organs and provides the needed treatment. It also informs you of any complications that may occur in the future.

The Medicomat-39 examines and treats 1000 organs, tissues, and DNA, making it a fantastic option for those seeking pain relief, healthier life patterns, and better well-being. Along with detecting physical changes, it can also detect a person’s mood.

The Medicomat-39 is safe to use because it uses non-invasive techniques to diagnose. The device is able to detect and recognize viruses, allergies, and bacteria.

The results of the device are illustrated using visuals and graphics to help you understand the issue. Once the diagnosis stage is complete, the device will suggest treatment and provide nutrition guidance.

The device comes with a laptop with a Vector NLS4021-17D software included. It’s available in the English language. With the device, you’ll also be provided with an instruction manual and step-by-step video training. You can also check their online support if you encounter any issues.

Top Features:

  • It analyzes 1000 organs, tissues, and DNA
  • It’s quick and efficient
  • The therapy, nutrition suggestions, and supplement testing features
  • The visual illustrations

Another fantastic option on our list is the Medicomat 4025 Metapathia GR Hunter NLS Bioresonance Therapy Computer. This device uses a non-invasive method that examines the status of the body to discover any abnormalities, whether in the tissues or cells.

The Medicomat is a full-body scanner that uses NLS technology to examine the body and treat it.

To use the device, you’ll need to sit down and the remote therapist will manage the equipment to perform the test and complete the therapy process.

The software included with the device is the Metapathia GR Hunter Software Analyzer. This software can scan up to 1432 organs and tissues.

This means that the device can trace many conditions in the body and identify their levels. It’s also able to detect the root causes of problems in the body.

The device can trace abnormal conditions on 8 levels. These include the cells, tissues, organs, nucleus, DNA helix, chromosomes, DNA helix, and ultrastructure or molecules. The Medicomat 4025 also provides remedy preparation, therapies, suggestions for nutrition and supplement testing.

It also includes a feature that allows you to know which stage the disorder is in, whether it’s acute or chronic, and whether it’ll develop in the future. This Bioresonance device comes with a laptop set to the English language along with a manual, video training, and online support so you know exactly how to use it correctly.

You can also change the language to Spanish, German, Russian, French, Italian, Turkish, Polish, or Chinese. The Medicomat is safe to use and has no side effects.

Top Features:

  • It can detect abnormalities on 8 different levels
  • It provides treatments, nutrition suggestions, and remedy preparation
  • It comes with video training and online support
  • It assesses the ultrastructure of microbes and viruses
  • It’s available in many languages

The HiiBaby Top Bioresonance Diagnostic and Therapy Computer System 4025 Hunter is a more affordable option that can detect the changes of the 12 systems of the body accurately.

We like that HiiBaby included the feature of analyzing the health trend for each individual in a range of 3 to 5 years. This Bioresonance device can explain what the role of each specific organ is so you can have a clearer image of what to expect.

The HiiBaby bioresonance device can also detect if your daily intake of food is adequate and healthy for you or not.

Once the device diagnoses the underlying issue, it can provide you with a recovery plan and also a healthy diet guide that’s suitable for you.

The device also comes with training material so you can easily understand how to use it. We also appreciate that it’s available in different languages including English, Spanish, French, Germany, Italian, and Chinese

The HiiBaby Top Bioresonance device is compatible with O.S Window XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. It’s also installed in 2 simple steps.

Top Features:

  • It helps you understand the role of each organ
  • It provides accurate and quick detection of abnormalities
  • It supports the diagnosis with treatments and a nutrition plan
  • It’s available in many languages
  • It comes with the required training material
  • It’s Affordable

This device is another one by Medicomat that’s lower in price. It’s a good alternative to the Medicomat-39, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly device.

It takes the device around 30 minutes to examine the body using 16 types of 3D simulation CT scans to provide a full diagnosis using a non-invasive method.

The Medicomat-36 Bioresonance Therapy NLS Machine Computer diagnoses underlying issues by detecting the changes in the human body. Along with diagnosis, the device can also provide treatment and show possible future complications.

The Medicomat-36 analyzes 214 organs and tissues at a cellular level using electromagnetic waves. 

The most exciting feature about this device for users is that the results are shown visually, whether in the diagnosis or treatment stages. This allows you to see how your body is improving and responding to the treatment.

It can also analyze your daily intake of food and provide suggestions for how to improve your diet.

This device is compatible with Windows, 7, 8, and 10 and is available in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Czech

Top Features:

  • It provides a full-body examination in 30 minutes
  • The visual results
  • The food analysis and suggestions feature
  • It’s relatively inexpensive

What is Bioresonance Therapy?

Bioresonance therapy is a biophysical approach of treatment which was developed in 1970 by the German medical doctor Franz Morell. He tried to create a type of ‘electronic homeopathy’ by using a patient’s electromagnetic body signals.

Bioresonance therapy was developed to work with the electromagnetic fluctuation spectrum of the patient. The idea of this is that it utilizes reports of patient and substance-specific variations.

The idea is that damaged cells change the electromagnetic waves they emit because of DNA damage.

How Does it Work?

Bioresonance therapy works using each individual’s energy field. Then, it starts measuring fluctuations found in the cell’s wavelengths to detect diseases. Each cell transmits energy, and the infected cells give out a different electromagnetic wave because of its bad DNA.

Bioresonance Therapy is a painless procedure that can detect illnesses like smoking cessation, stomach pain, asthma, and other allergies, arthritis, skin disorders, nervous disorders, fibromyalgia, and overtrained athlete syndrome.

What it does is that it detects those corrupted cells and it reverses the change that was caused by the disease, so they can go back to their original form.

It has been proven that Bioresonance therapy detects cancer as well. As for the treatment of cancer, there is still research being conducted.

There are some successful cases in shrinking tumors found in the liver according to research made by Cumhuriyet University Medical School Department of Microbiology in Turkey. This could be one of the biggest breakthroughs in history for Cancer Research.

When was Bioresonance Therapy Invented?

Bioresonance therapy was first introduced in 1879 when a Russian scientist studied the frequencies of cells in the body. It was studied further in different countries where they performed test runs on patients.

During the 1970s in Germany, Franz Morell, Erich Rasche, and Ludger Mersmann continued this research and developed the first device known as the MORA. MORA is a device that picked up different information from different cells in the body.

Over the years multiple companies came up with the best Bioresonance therapy devices with different options to fit everyone’s needs.

What are the Side Effects of Bioresonance Therapy?

Bioresonance therapy is proved to have some positive side effects. One of those side effects is that it serves as an instant energy booster.

It’s also 100% natural so there are no worries regarding any chemicals that may injure the body. If you’re taking medication for whatever illness, Bioresonance therapy won’t interfere with the process at all.

Until today there haven’t been any negative side effects regarding Bioresonance therapy. It’s believed to be very safe, but it’s also recommended that it shouldn’t be the only treatment for some illnesses.

Is Bioresonance Therapy Worth It?

There are lots of debates regarding Bioresonance therapy these days, and some might even question its credibility. Many places actually do use it now as it detects defects in an easier way.

It also helps with possible future illnesses that may develop.

With having something so advanced in the medical field that doesn’t cause any side effects, who wouldn’t want to try it?

Bioresonance hasn’t disappointed anyone yet, in fact, most believe it’s a good investment. Just be sure to check with your doctor or medical professional before investing in the therapy.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. Now you know all about the best bioresonance machines for sale online that you can purchase from the comfort of your own home. It may seem like a daunting task to research and purchase on of the bioresonance therapy devices on your own, but I hope the information in this article will make that process much easier for you.

And remember, please consult with your doctor or physician before purchasing one of these devices or performing therapy on yourself.

Find care, take care, and as always — breathe easy, my friend.

Written by:

John Landry, BS, RRT

John Landry is a registered respiratory therapist from Memphis, TN, and has a bachelor's degree in kinesiology. He enjoys using evidence-based research to help others breathe easier and live a healthier life.


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