Are you a medical professional that is looking to get their hands on one of the best lab coats on the market today? If so then you’re in the right place, because that is what this article is all about.

Whether you’re a respiratory therapist, nurse, doctor, EMT, practitioner, or even a student — you’ll easily be able to pick out the best lab coat to fit your needs by using the list below.

Lab coats are extremely important for anyone working in the medical field. Not only do they make you look more respectable and authoritative, they also provide a barrier for an extra layer of protection against potentially harmful chemicals or bodily fluids.

So if you’re ready, let’s go ahead and dive right in.

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Here’s a Quick List of the Best Lab Coats for Medical Professionals:

Are you looking for more detailed reviews of the best lab coats that are on the market today? If so, keep reading.

Each of the high-quality lab coats that are listed below can be purchased at That means that you’ll be able to get your hands on a good lab coat in a matter of days.

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But if you’re ready, let’s dive deeper into the reviews.

Detailed Reviews of the Best Lab Coats:

Whether you’re a man or woman, nurse or doctor — we’ve got you covered when it comes to selecting the best lab coat. Just navigate through the choices below to see which white coat seems like the best choice for you.

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The Grey’s Anatomy Women’s Lab Coat is made by the reputable brand, Barco, and is based off the coats worn in the hit hospital-drama, Grey’s Anatomy.

This lab coat features a three-button front closure and is fitted at the waist with shape-retaining material, making it as flattering as it is functional. Adding to its functionality are two good-sized front pockets which each close with a simple button-tab.

Made with 80% polyester and 20% cotton, this coat is breathable, durable, and keeps its professional, sharp white appearance over time without yellowing from wear or washing.

Three main features make this one of the best lab coats for woman who are looking for a comfortable option: a tagless label inside the coat, a back button belt that remains loose to the body, and a back vent for breathability and room for movement.

The Utopia Wear Professional Men’s Lab Coat is a high-quality option that is perfect for people who value comfort as much as they value durability and function.

The easy-to-wash polyester and cotton blend is great for professionals who regularly encounter spills, splashes, and other messes. This material is durable enough to handle being washed much more frequently than typical clothing items.

This coat is professional in appearance but offers plenty of room for movement, making it easy to throw over just about anything else you’re wearing.

A featured back vent adds additional comfort and breathability, so you don’t have to worry about getting too hot in the warmer months. The coat also features too large front pockets at the waist and one at the chest.

The Barco Women’s Princess Seam Lab Coat offers great style, function, and comfort. Featuring a 5-button front closure, this lab coat is fitted at the waist with princess seams to accentuate its flattering shape.

A perfect option for professionals who require a lot of pocket space, this coat features two outside waist pockets, two inside pockets, and a chest pocket with a convenient pen slot.

The material blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton allow this lab coat to be stain-resistant and durable in the wash while remaining soft, breathable, and easy to move around in.

The featured bar tack reinforcements and lap seams help this coat retain its shape, even after being put through multiple wash cycles and heavy wear, so it will remain professional in appearance no matter how often you wear it.

The Natural Uniforms Long Unisex Lab Coat is one of the best lab coats for professionals who value strong durability and function over fashion.

This coat, which features a material blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, hold up extremely well in the wash and is resistant to the stains that are common with medical and scientific work.

The coat has two front pockets at the waistline and one smaller pocket at the chest. While this lab coat is not fitted, it does feature a back belt that can be adjusted using buttons for a more tailored look.

The coat’s chest, shoulders, and sleeves offer plenty of room, making this a great option for people who need to wear their coats comfortably over their outfits without losing the ability to move freely.

The Dr. James Professional Unisex Lab Coat is a crisp, stylish, and professional-looking option for those working in medical or scientific fields. This coat is different from most because it feature concealed snap buttons, making it incredibly easy to take on or off in a hurry and keeping the front of the coat appearing flat.

The large front waist pockets are the perfect size for safely and comfortably carrying around a tablet, and the right one even contains a second pocket which is the ideal size for a smartphone. This coat features a back vent, making it comfortable and easy for the wearer to move around or sit down in.

The reinforced stitching helps ensure that this lab coat holds up well against constant wear and heavy-duty wash cycles. You really can’t go wrong by purchasing and sporting this high-quality lab coat.

The Cherokee Women’s Workwear Core Stretch Scrub Jacket is as stylish and flattering as it is functional. Tailored in at the waist with princess seams, this lab coat looks great on all body types and presents the wearer as professional.

The poly/cotton blend of this coat helps it stay stark white regardless of wash cycles and contact with tough stains, and it will not begin to yellow over time or lose it’s clean, crisp appearance.

The front of the coat features a button-up closure and two large, double pockets, ideal for carrying around a tablet, phone, and anything else you might need throughout your busy workday.

A center back vent keeps this lab coat cool in the warmer months and allows the wearer to sit and move comfortably.

The Dickies 37 Inch Unisex Lab Coat is a flattering and high-quality option for men and women alike. Featuring a pleated design, this coat offers a relaxed fit that still sits nicely on all body types.

While it does not have a back vent, the buttons on the front of the coat can easily be adjusted to allow for more movement or comfortable sitting. This coat is different than the others on the list, being made more of cotton than of polyester.

While this makes the lab coat extremely comfortable and breathable, it may not be the best option for those who think it will regularly come into contact with difficult stains.

However, if you want a lab coat that feels like it is made of high-quality materials, then this is the one for you. Two large waist pockets, perfect for both tablets and smartphones, and one chest pocket make this lab coat great for busy professionals.

What is a Lab Coat?

Not to get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk more about exactly what is a lab coat and what they’re actually primarily used for.

Hint: It ain’t all about the looks!

A Lab Coat is a garment often worn by medical or scientific professionals. Also known as a white coat, it is used as an overcoat or protective layer worn over one’s personal clothing.

As such, sometimes they are short, or they can be knee-length with long sleeves. When buttoned, it can fully cover everything but the lower pant legs. Finally, it offers a wide collar that protects the collar of a button-up shirt. Although it is worn to protect clothes, it also serves as a uniform for doctors, residents, and lab researchers.

The coat, itself, is often comprised of cotton or a cotton blend. This material blend allows for washing at hot temperatures. The color white becomes important after washing as the wearer—and everyone else—can see if it is clean. After all, the best lab coats, if nothing else, are designed to convey the impression of formal, professional cleanliness.

In terms of the medical profession, a lab coat will have ample pockets for notepads and other instruments. For those in the scientific community, the lab coat serves to protect against accidental spills in the lab.

Why Do Healthcare Professionals Wear Lab Coats?

There are three primary reasons healthcare professionals wear lab coats.

  • First, they offer protection against a patient’s bodily fluids, such as sputum or phlegm.
  • Second, they offer functionality in the form of those huge pockets. For instance, the pockets are designed to hold things like a stethoscope, pulse oximeter, pen, and other useful tools
  • Third, they indicate standing in the medical community, which helps convey to patients competence, professionalism, and a level of training and education.

How to Choose the Best Lab Coat?

The best lab coats, like the ones that are listed above, all share similar qualities. First, they are made of a cotton blend that contains some degree of nylon or rayon mixed with polyester. Polyester ensures ease of cleaning, and the cotton blend ensures durability.

The best lab coats have abundant pocket volume, but the pockets should be sewn with triangulated stitching that can perform well against the constant pulling of heavy lab equipment placed in the pockets. It should not billow when buttoned, and the sleeves should not get in the way of the hands.

Finally, the best lab coats offer comfort, so the collar should be wide so as not to chafe.

Depending on the hospital setting, the length also makes a difference. For instance, physicians often select coats with a 36-inch to 42-inch knee length while residents wear lab coats with knee lengths of 25 inches to 28 inches.

It is not often mentioned, but the most important aspect of any lab coat is how quickly it can be removed. After all, the primary service it provides is protection against typical bodily fluids and germs. If a doctor or researcher is splashed with fluid or some type of chemical, he or she must be able to rip the coat off as quickly as possible.

As such, coats with metal snaps work well. Of course, it is no complicated endeavor to shed a zippered lab coat, but unzipping a coat takes somewhat longer in a hazardous situation than pulling snaps.

Where to Buy a Lab Coat?

Lab coats can, of course, be purchased online. Although accessing medical supply stores might have been something difficult to do in the past decades, professionals need only visit for access to coats manufactured by all the most reputable garment manufacturers.

For instance, a quick search on Amazon can turn up quality coats by such vendors as Grey’s Anatomy, Cherokee Scrubs, or Dickies.

And the good news for you is this: We have already done all the work and research for you and listed out the best lab coats above. Now all you need to do is find the one that is most appealing to you.

What are Disposable Lab Coats?

Many argue that the best lab coats are disposable.

Of course, disposable lab coats might sound like an expensive solution for a garment, but those in the medical field do one thing daily: contact the sick and dying.

As such, they are exposed to a variety of bacteria distributed via coughs and sneezes. Additionally, doctors often handle vials of bodily fluids. A spill can result in personal clothes being ruined, requiring burning. A disposable lab coat is designed to be tossed in the biohazard bin at the end of the day prevents the lab coat from harboring bacteria or becoming a germ delivery system.

If you’re looking to start using disposable labs coats or want to try them out, here’s our favorite:

If you’re looking for a disposable lab coat to purchase, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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Unlike traditional lab coats, disposable lab coats are often comprised of Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond (SMS), which offers protection against fluids, germs, and dust.

Because they are designed to match the traditional white lab coat’s functionality, a medical professional has all the conveniences of large pockets and whole-body protection.

In terms of economics, disposable lab coats can be purchased by the case. Buying in bulk provides medical professionals a cost-effective means to maintain a sense of professionalism in the office while also being able to start each day with a perfectly clean lab coat.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Now you know the absolute best lab coats for respiratory therapists and other healthcare professionals. Now you can feel confident knowing that you’ll look and feel professional in the medical setting. Not only that — you’ll also be protected from potentially harmful substances as well.

What more could you ask for?

Thank you so much for reading and supporting the Respiratory Therapy Zone community and as always, breathe easy my friend.