No matter what role you have in the hospital, from being a doctor to a respiratory therapist, you need to look and feel great on the job. We’ve already discussed the best scrubs to wear as a medical professional, so now we need to figure out what is the best lab coat to make your uniform complete.

If you want to feel great and look professional at work, a nice lab coat is a must. That’s why we put together a list of the absolute best lab coats according to their design, comfort, price, and storage space, which will make your choice an easy one. You are probably wondering if it is possible to find a great lab coat at a great price. The answer is “yes” and you can do so easily by using the list below.

Reviews of the Best Lab Coats

Whether you are a man or women, you can find a lab coat to fits your needs. You can even find unisex lab coats here on the list below. These coats can be worn by any medical professional, including doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and of course, respiratory therapists. Let’s take a look.

Natural Uniforms Unisex Lab Coat

The Natural Uniforms Unisex lab coat is a great choice for the guys and gals. While it can only be found in the color white, you can buy the coat in different sizes from small to 5X large. The length of the coat is 40-inches and has one chest pocket with two lower pockets to place smaller items.

With the fashionable front button closure and button belt design at the back, it gives you a perfect fit when worn. The materials used to make the jacket are 65% poly and 35% cotton. For comfort, you can wash the coat in a machine and it is stain resistant. This full-length coat has the storage you need with a classic style and front lapel collar.

The nice thing about this specific design it transforms you into sexy professional attire. If you are interested in buying yourself, one you can purchase it here on

Dickies Unisex iPad Lab Coat

As with our previous unisex lab coat, this Dickies one stands out for all the right reasons. You can buy this medical coat in 5 different sizes ranging from X-small to X-large. The lab coats made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

You can wash it in a machine and suitable for both men and women to wear. For a stylish look, it has a notch collar and lapel with front button closure. There are two exterior pockets, one chest pocket, and an interior pocket for your mobile device, and the large pocket to store your iPad or notebook.

The pockets are great to keep a pen/pencil and the hip pockets are deep. On the back, there is a locker loop with pleats and stitched down with a belt. This is a 37-inch length lab coat. Further, the material is high quality and prevents your clothes from stains or burns.

Dr. James Professional Unisex Lab Coat

If you are looking for a practiced medical look, you can achieve this with the Dr. James Professional Unisex lab coat. These jackets are available in 7 sizes ranging from XX-small to 2XL-large so no concerns about finding the right fit.

With the custom style, this lab coat is great for men and women and suitable for any medical profession. The manufacturer used superior grade polycotton fabric to protect you from chemical spills and dust.

This is a knee-high coat with a comfortable fit and has a low shrinkage when washed. There are two waist pockets and one chest pocket with a pen holder. The closure is a concealed snap one for ease of quick release. There are entry slits on the side to easily access trouser pockets.

Grey’s Anatomy Lab Coat

For our lady respiratory therapists, this Grey’s Anatomy lab coat is one of the most popular. It has 6 impressive pockets and one of the best lab coats you can buy for it’s price. You can get this jacket in any size to get the perfect fit.

This is a quality laboratory coat made with 80% polyester and 20% cotton. Moreover, to make it even better the clothing items made in the USA. Further, it is washable in a machine and the material is soft. For storage, it has six large pockets so you can hold your stethoscope, pulse oximeter, and any others tools you need throughout the day.

The lab coat measures 37-inches long and has a back French seam with front button closure.

BARCO Overpro Missy Lab Coat

Another one for the girls; this one is the BARCO Overpro Missy lab coat. This lab coat is has a very professional look while also stylish in it’s own right. You can choose from a size 4 to 20 for a perfect fit.

These jackets are made with 65% polyester and 35% cotton poplin. The Missy lab coat measures 35-inches and has 4 large pockets. For a modern style, it has a princess seam with a two button back tab. Wear the jacket with pride, as it is stylish, functional and made with top quality material as well.

Landau Men’s Lab Scrub Coat

For the man in need of a durable scrub coat, the Landau Men’s Lab Coat is the one for you. For a perfect fit, choose from 7 sizes ranging from a size 32 to 42.

This lab coat is made with 100% cotton and you can wash it in a regular washing machine. The full-length coat has five-knot buttons covered with cloth. The back over pleats sewn down and you have three pockets with side hand access.

The coats available in white and makes you look like quite the professional. The materials are thick and you cannot see through it. It will provide you with optimum protection while on the job.

Medgear Women’s Lab Coat

The Medgear women’s lab coat has short sleeves which give your extreme comfort. You can purchase this one in all sizes, including extra small to an XXX- large size.

This lab coat has a back button detail with three pockets. With the blend of polyester and cotton, it also has Micro-suede softness that feels incredible. I see many nurses and respiratory therapists rocking this one every day. It is definitely the most comfortable lab coat on our list. You can wash the coat in the machine and it is easy to clean.

The materials are lightweight and keep you feeling cool and looking good all throughout your shift. The pockets are big enough to keep all of your important items on hand.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what are the best lab coats for all medical professionals. No matter what your job is in the hospital, you need to look professional and be protected at all times. That’s why it is so important to wear a lab coat at all time. So, navigate your way through this list and you can find the best lab coat for you.