Stethoscopes are a vital part of the healthcare worker’s arsenal of tools. They are used in clinics, hospitals, nursing centers, and home-based medical visits from obtaining vitals to listening to the sounds of the heart, lungs, and bowels. They must be easily accessible during an emergency and can quickly be lost or burrowed if set down for even a moment.

That is why a stethoscope holder clip is so important. It can be useful for a healthcare worker because it allows a comfortable place to store the tool when not in use. This article provides reviews of the best stethoscope holders so that you can easily select the one to fit your needs.

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Our Top Recommended Stethoscope Holders:

Keep reading for our more detailed reviews of the best stethoscope holder clips for nurses, Respiratory Therapists, doctors, and other medical professionals. You can learn more about our favorites below.

Best Stethoscope Holders for Medical Professionals:

Our number one choice for clip is the highly praised Secure-A-Scope Leather Stethoscope Holder Clip. Designed by an American physician, this design is made with those in the medical profession in mind.

This dual-layered leather holster is both durable and water-resistant. Threads of the intricate stitching are strength tested for long-lasting durability. 

The high-quality velcro that lines the entire inside of the flaps allows for a robust and worry-free hold on your expensive stethoscope. The metal clip on the back can be worn with any medical style, from scrubs to white coats, and it will fit snuggly.

Top Features:

  • This is a universal fit stethoscope holder; it can easily hold pediatric, adult, electronic, amplified, and cardiac designs.
  • High-quality velcro and a double layer of strong leather and water-resistant finish.
  • The strength-tested threads give an extra layer of durability to this holder.
  • Created by a physician and tested by doctors, nurses, EMTs, and other medical professionals to provide you with the best in stethoscope clip design.
  • The company offers a lifetime warranty to repair or replace the holder if it gets damaged or is defective due to a material or design mistake.

Originally made in 1995 by an ER physician, our number two choice, the BATCLIP Leather Stethoscope Hip Holder Clip, has changed design and materials over the years after consistent testing for use and durability.

They are made with care in a small family-owned leather shop in Maine. The holders are made out of hand-picked cow hide, industrial strength velcro, and military-grade metal clip. 

The company is so sure of its durability and long life that they offer a no hassle warranty; if anything breaks or is damaged on your holder, they will repair or replace it without a problem.

Top Features:

  • This holder will fit most pediatric and adult stethoscope models.
  • Over twenty years of testing and design changes to find the perfect fit for anyone in the medical field.
  • Water-resistant for easy disinfecting.
  • Premium materials used in its construction including specially picked leather, a durable velcro, and a high grade metal clip for top of the line strength and long life.
  • The company offers a warranty, and they will fix or replace any damage done to the holder.

The HipClip Leather Stethoscope Holder Clip comes in at number three on our list with its high-quality buffalo leather construction and its universal fit for most stethoscopes.

The holder includes a heavy-duty clip that can be used with or without a belt and industrial strength velcro clasping it together. This holder comes with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. No matter what happens to it, the company will replace it for you, no questions asked.

Top Features:

  • The holder is constructed out of quality buffalo leather, high-grade velcro, and metal clip.
  • It will fit most stethoscopes available on the market today.
  • Durable and water-resistant design.
  • The company includes a 30-day refund if you don’t love it, you can send it back.
  • Lifetime warranty, any damage will be fixed or replaced by them, if needed, for the whole life of the holder.

Our number four pick is the useful Medical Basics Velcro Stethoscope Holder Clip. This is made out of quality leather, and strength tested velcro.

The clip of this holder is padded and covered in leather to provide the wearer with a more comfortable style and doesn’t run the risk of scuffing up the belt it is being hung on. There is also the added feature of belt loops attached to the back, so if clipping it won’t work, it can be simply threaded through the belt and stay put for the day. This holder is a universal fit for any stethoscope size or style.

Top Features:

  • A simple design made with quality leather, strong velcro, and a padded clip.
  • It also includes a second way to wear with there being two belt loops on the backside, enabling it to be threaded through a belt.
  • Universal fit for and stethoscope model.
  • Durable and water-resistant.

Lastly, the Mitten Medical Professional Stethoscope Holders comes in at the number five spot. These are made out of a durable plastic that requires the user to slide their stethoscope in the space provided.

Three different colored holders are included, so it’s sure to match any scrub or workwear style imaginable. It comes with an exclusive Mitten Medical scrub-lock technology that is made to keep the back clip from slipping off scrubs. This is done by a small friction pad adhered to the inside of the belt clip.

Top Features:

  • Made out of durable plastic, in several colors, allowing the user to slide their stethoscope in and out quickly.
  • Exclusive Mitten Medical scrub-lock technology prevents the holder from slipping or falling from the user’s waistband or belt.
  • Three holders come with each purchase so users can switch colors out at will.
  • Easy to clean material for quick disinfecting.

What is a Stethoscope Holder Clip?

A stethoscope holder clip is a helpful tool used that attaches a stethoscope to the body, either at the waistband, belt, or on a pocket. This helps keep it from getting in the way when not needed but easily accessible if needed.

What is a Stethoscope Holder Made of?

The holder is typically made out of durable plastic, leather, or nylon. This material is almost always water-resistant to a degree for quick disinfecting of the surface.

The holder could have a velcro or snap band that wraps around the stethoscope holding it in place or a molded plastic area to slide the tool into. The stethoscope clips on the back helps secure the holder in place and is typically made out of metal or plastic.

Why Use A Stethoscope Holder Clip?

When used, a stethoscope holder clip can protect the wearer from harmful bacteria that can be picked up when going from patient to patient, even when properly disinfecting the tool between each one. If the stethoscope is instead worn around the neck, this will allow the bacteria to be transferred to the wearer.

This can also can make the neck sore if worn day after day. The oils from the neck can then break down the tubing material and cause it to degrade faster. Using a stethoscope holder clip will prevent much of this from happening while providing a way to keep the tool neatly secured to the user.

How to Choose the Best Stethoscope Holder?

The best stethoscope holders depend on the stethoscope being used and personal preference. Certain holders will only fit with specific stethoscopes models, and it is best to find one that will universally fit most if not all models.

Then the style of the holder must be decided. One type of holder wraps around the stethoscope and is bound together with velcro or a snap. This type makes the stethoscope more secure when holding, but can be a hassle getting the tool out or putting it back up. Alternatively, there are the molded holders that the stethoscope just slides down into. This makes it easier to grab at a moment’s notice, but then it is not so secure when not in use.

Final Thoughts

Overall the best stethoscope holder depends on the user and what they are looking for in one. All of the above will prevent neck pain and protect the stethoscope of the user. With that being said, hopefully you can easily choose the right one to fit your needs.

Thank you so much for reading and as always, breathe easy my friend.