Best Gift Ideas for Respiratory Therapists and Nurses

12 Amazing Respiratory Therapist Gift Ideas (Birthday and Christmas)

by | Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Are you looking for gift ideas for Respiratory Therapists? If so, look no further because we’re going to share the best Respiratory Therapist gifts to get for your loved ones. 

Maybe you’re a Respiratory Therapist yourself or maybe you’re looking to get a gift for a friend or family member? Either way, you’re in luck, because we have compiled the absolute best list of gift ideas for respiratory therapists to help you make the right decision.

Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, or even Christmas presents — you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for on our list below. So if you’re ready, let’s dive in!

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Best Gifts for Respiratory Therapists:

You can’t really go wrong by getting a Respiratory Therapist a new stethoscope. I mean, it’s probably the most common and most important tool that we use on a daily basis.

Our #1 most recommended stethoscope is the 3M Littmann Classic III. This one has the best acoustics at the best price. Basically what I’m saying is that, with this stethoscope, you get the most bang for your buck.

You can read our full reviews of the best stethoscopes through this link.

This is yet another tool that Respiratory Therapists use hundreds of times per shift, each and every day. It’s important to have an accurate pulse oximeter to check the patient’s heart rate and oxygen saturation levels in order to know how to treat them properly.

We like the Innovo Deluxe Fingertip Pulse Oximeter pulse oximeter for a several of reasons. You can’t really go wrong with it.

You can read our full reviews of the best pulse oximeters through this link.

I can say with confidence that Respiratory Therapists are very proud of what they do. That’s why any RT would love a new t-shirt as a gift.

The good news is — our online store over at is loaded with the absolute best T-Shirts that are designed specifically for Respiratory Therapists.

It seems that there are thousands of stores out there for nurses, doctors, and other professions, but yet nothing for RT’s. Well this is no longer the case because we are constantly adding new designs to our store each and every week.

But back to what I was saying — t-shirts are a great gift for any and every Respiratory Therapist. We’ve listed out two of our best-sellers for you here. First is the Respiratory Outdoors long-sleeve T-shirt. It comes in short-sleeve and different colors as well.

And then there’s the Respiratory Luxe Designer T-shirt. This one comes in white or black. Does it get any better?

Like I said before, you really can’t go wrong by getting any Respiratory Therapist a new t-shirt as a gift.

I mean, every Respiratory Therapist needs an awesome mug to drink their tasty coffee from, right?

So if you know an RT who drinks a lot of coffee, this could be the perfect gift. We’ve included two of our favorites.

I guarantee any Respiratory Therapist (who drinks coffee) will appreciate one of these hilarious coffee mugs:

  • Straight Outta Albuterol Coffee Mug – Albuterol is the most common drug that we administer as Respiratory Therapists. And this mug is a spin-off of the movie Straight Outta Compton. Trust me, they will appreciate this one.
  • Respiratory Therapy is SNOT Easy Coffee Mug – I mean, some people think it’s easy being a Respiratory Therapist, but it’s SNOT. You get it? This one cracks me up every time.

Whether or not we want to admit it, caffeine is a huge part of the job as an RT. Take your coffee-drinking game to the next level with one of these awesome mugs.

A penlight is a very important tool for medical professionals. With that said, not many Respiratory Therapists use them regularly. Want to know why?

Simply because they do not have one of their own!

That is exactly why this would be a perfect little gift or stocking stuffer for almost any Respiratory Therapist.

We really like this LUMINTOP Medical Pen Light from Amazon.

Because, I mean, what more could a Respiratory Therapist want after a stressful 12-hour shift than a large glass of wine?

These two-sided RT Wine Glass Goblets that we found on are too neat.

They have three pour-line thresholds, so the amount of wine that you pour in your glass depends on how your day went. If your Respiratory Therapist likes to drink wine, I guarantee that they would love getting this wine glass as a gift.

Who doesn’t like getting a comfy new hoodie or sweatshirt as a gift? I know for me personally, I’m never disappointed to open up a fresh new hoodie to add to my collection.

Again, the only problem with this is that there isn’t much of a selection out there for Respiratory Therapists.

But we’re working on changing that with our online store at We already have a very nice selection of hoodies and sweatshirts and we’re adding new designs each and every week.

So if you really want to please your loved one, who happens to be a Respiratory Therapist, you can never go wrong by getting them a new hoodie.

We’ve listed out two of our favorites that can be purchased from our shop.

#8 – Jewelry

This one is for the ladies, so gentlemen, you can just keep on scrolling.

But honestly though, what lady doesn’t love jewelry? Whether it’s earrings, bracelets, or a new necklace, you can’t go wrong getting (yourself or) your significant other a new piece of jewelry — especially if it helps show off their RT pride.

Not only that, jewelry can help you looks and feel great and confident as well.

Here are two of our best sellers:

So as I said, jewelry always makes a great gift. You can check out our full selection at

If there’s one thing that always seems to go missing in the hospital, it’s pens. I think I can speak for most Respiratory Therapists when I say that these little guys are hard to keep up with.

Whether you lose, misplace,  or even come across a nurse with sticky fingers — you’re going to lose more pens than you want.

A good way to solve this problem is by keeping a box of pens in your locker or backpack. You can’t go wrong with the Paper Mate Retractable Ballpoint Pens.

So if you’re looking for something inexpensive for a Respiratory Therapists, pens make a great gift.

Coffee is pretty much a must-have for Respiratory Therapists — especially for those of us who work the night shift. I can almost guarantee you that any Respiratory Therapist will appreciate the gesture of some tasty coffee as a gift (just make sure they are a coffee drinker).

I really like the Starbucks French Roast Ground Coffee. The darker, the better.

And besides, they will need some coffee to go with the awesome coffee mugs that we mentioned earlier. 

After a long round of treating patients and giving breathing treatments, the first thing a Respiratory Therapist likes to do is sit down with an ice cold glass of water or tea.

And the best way to keep your drinks cold for an entire 12-hour shift is by using a tumbler.

We like the YETI Rambler because you can literally fill it up with ice cold sweet water before the shift starts. Then, it will be the same temperature when the shift ends.

Maybe this one is just me, but I have to have my chapstick with me at all times while at work. And I honestly don’t think I’m alone on this one. That’s why this would make a nice gift for a Respiratory Therapist.

Chapstick is great to have anywhere, especially working in the hospital. I really like the Burt’s Bees because of the peppermint oil that keep my lips feeling nice and fresh.

This would make for a great stocking stuffer for almost any Respiratory Therapist.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! You are now aware of some of the best gift ideas that any Respiratory Therapist would love. No matter who it is, you can surely find something that they’ll love from the list above.

Did we miss something?

If so, shoot us an email to let us know so we can add it to the list. Thank you so much for reading and as always, breathe easy my friend.

Written by:

John Landry, BS, RRT

John Landry is a registered respiratory therapist from Memphis, TN, and has a bachelor's degree in kinesiology. He enjoys using evidence-based research to help others breathe easier and live a healthier life.