Are you looking for the best pulse oximeters? This article is for you because below we will discuss the six best pulse oximeters for respiratory therapists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Also, each pulse ox on this list can be used by anyone at home to keep a close watch on your oxygen saturation. So are you ready to get started?

What is a pulse oximeter?

Pulse oximeters are designed to instantly measure the level of oxygen that is in the blood, specifically in the arterial blood without using any invasive means. It is typically a small device that clips on to the index finger.

Arterial blood is the blood that flows to parts of the body from the heart, fresh with oxygen. From the blood, the oxygen then diffuses to the surrounding tissue and cells. If the blood is not properly saturated with oxygen it is safe to say that the tissues in the body are not getting the levels they need to operate optimally. It is also an indication of pulmonary issues.

Respiratory therapists use these portable pulse oximeters to constantly monitor their patients and to help understand the patient’s pulmonary status. They also recommend each patient to have their own personal pulse ox so that they can keep tabs of their oxygen saturation levels in the absence of the therapist.

You can find the best pulse oximeters almost anywhere quality medical electronic items are sold, especially at Amazon.com. To make it easier for you on your next purchase or for you to recommend one to your patient. Here are the top six pulse oximeters I think you can choose from.

Best Pulse Oximeters for Respiratory Therapists

Zacurate Pro Series CMS 500DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Zacurate pulseox






If you are looking for the best value for money, the Zacurate Pro is the way to go. It prices inbelow twenty bucks and does the job of delivering fast and accurate SpO2 results – as good as any of the over-fifty dollar oximeters. It may not have each and every one of the bells and whistles the more expensive models have but it does the job. The best part of the Zacurate is that it is built for hardy use.

That means you can knock it around with heavy use, hang it around your neck and keep it with you wherever you go – and it will still be ready to perform when you need it to.

This model comes with a lanyard so you athletic types can take it with you on the move without having to find a place to store it. It also comes with a snappy-colored silicon layer that keeps it protected from the elements.

Batteries are included so you can use it right out of the box. It’s easy to use, just turn it on, slip it on and in a few seconds, the bright large display gives you a readout of your blood saturation levels, your pulse rate and your pulse strength.

Innovo Premium CPE Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Innovo pulseox






The Innovo offers a few premium extras for its sub-$30 price tag. In addition to being able to analyze your pulse oxygen saturation level within just a few seconds of slipping it on, it is also able to automatically suggest the best time to test your SpO2 levels. For its robust quality and extended features, the Innovo received 4.8 out of 5.0 stars.

What is especially convenient about the Innovo is that you can slip the oximeter on either hand and still be able to rotate the display to whichever way you need.

On that adjustable OLED display you will find all the data you need, easily visible, in the dark or even outdoors. The Innocom even provides a perfusion index so you can get a readout of the ration of your pulsatile vs static pulsatile flow, and a plethysmograph so that you can monitor your blood volume.

The Innovo comes with a lanyard for convenient mobility, and with batteries so that you can get to using it as soon as it is delivered.

Santamedical Generation 2 SM-165 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


Santamedical pulseox






Coming in at just over twenty bucks, the FDA-approved Santamedical pulse-ox is something that quite a number of people seem to like. Out of all the people who bought the Santa, more than two thousand felt strongly enough to leave a review that averages 4.5 on Amazon’s 5.0 scale. In the box, you will find the unit, a lanyard, and batteries and the one year warranty.

A thoughtful feature that attracted much attention was its finger chamber that is coated with a hypoallergenic silicone layer to prevent any dermatological reaction for those with sensitive fingers. It is also lightweight and durable making it an obvious choice for many.

The Santamedical pulse-ox measures your arterial hemoglobin oxygen levels within a few seconds of turning it on and displays the results along with a number of other parameters including battery levels, pulse wave and pulse rate. The Santamedical pulse oximeter is hassle-free in its design and is highly efficient, especially in its power consumption and pursuant extended battery life.

The display rotates and rearranges to any one of six preset displays which allows you the convenience of operating on your left, or right hand, in the vertical or horizontal orientation.

AccuMed CMS-50D Pulse Oximeter

AccuMed pulseox







The AccuMed is one of the more expensive models on Amazon. While it may not have the full features of some of the other models or be as cheap as the others, the call to popularity for this model is that it is rather sharp in its style and appearance.

It comes in glossy black with a bright LED screen that can be programmed to display the readout in any direction you chose for convenience. It even comes with a lanyard for easy mobility and a case to keep it in when you need to put it away. Packing it in suitcases and using it when you travel becomes all the more easy with this feature. It also has long battery life – more than 40 hours of continuous operation. Changing out the battery is also fairly effortless.

For the premium pricing, what you also get is a versatile oximeter. The AccuMed allows the insertion of adults, as well as children’s fingers. This way you can get one oximeter for the entire family without having to purchase an addition pediatric oximeter for the children in the house.

Fingertip Pulse Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor by Medi-K


Medi-K pulseox







The Medi-K pulse-ox monitor is priced above forty dollars and has a slight edge over the others we have reviewed thus far in that the product is of a higher quality and offers ease of operation on a more intuitive level. It is also designed specifically for sports enthusiasts.

Of course, you can use it even if you are not into sports but the benefit of the design is that it is more robust and hardy.

As with other measures, this has a bright OLED with the starkly observable difference that the ability to read it in light or shade is far superior to its cheaper counterparts. It also fits all ages because the finger slot has springs to adjust to the size of the finger and allows for a comfortable grip regardless of size and a close contact between the sensors and the skin.

Masimo MightySat Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Masimo pulseox







The Massimo stands in a class of its own coming in as, by far, the most expensive pulse-ox on the list. But it is not an ordinary, run of the mill pulse oximeter. It comes with a number of other bells and whistles that allow you to track various parameters typically related to your health condition.

In addition to providing fast and accurate results of your oxygen saturation levels within seconds, the Masimo is also designed to provide you with respiratory information including breath rate and how much effort you are putting into breathing. It is also able to measure your hydration level and alert you to your condition compared to optimal hydration levels.

Make no mistake the measurements the Masimo makes, whether it’s oxygen saturation, breathing rates or hydration levels are all hospital grade and that gives you a level of confidence paralleled by little else. The device is also able to track your results over time and monitor its trend over time besides just giving you a static snapshot of your immediate arterial and respiratory profile.

The Masimo is made from hospital grade, high-quality materials that extend the service life of the unit and gives you reliability along with a feature-rich product that also allows you to transmit the data to apps on your smartphone and store your data remotely for analysis on your device or to share with a doctor. This is our choice for all medical care workers.

Closing Thoughts

Now you know the absolute best pulse oximeters for respiratory therapists and other healthcare professionals. And when I say healthcare professionals, I mean these are good pulse oximeters for nurses and doctors as well.

The six listed above are the top-rated on Amazon.com and are arranged by price, with the most expensive, feature-rich model at the end.

As a respiratory therapist or nurse, it may be wise to purchase the last one on the list while being able to recommend any one of the first five to their patients to use at home, although any of the others will get the job done. It’s always important to have a good pulse oximeter when working in the medical field, and this list will help you find one of the best on the market today.