Are you searching for the best scrubs for respiratory therapists? By working in the medical field, it is a given that you will be required to work some very longs hours at times. Those twelve-hour shifts will get ya if you don’t do your due diligence when it comes to uniforms. This is why it is so important for you to feel comfortable and look professional day in and day out. And to do this, you will need a nice set of the best scrubs.

We’ve already let you in on our favorite shoes for respiratory therapists and also the best stethoscopes. Now it’s time that we figure out exactly what are the best scrubs for respiratory therapists…

Before we dive into the different brands of the best scrubs, it’s important to know some of the top features that you need to pursue.

You need scrubs that fit you nicely

This also ties in with comfortability. To be able to perform your best on the job, you will need to feel comfortable, and to feel the most comfortable; you need a pair of scrubs that fits your body properly.

Place some emphasis on the waistline. Do you prefer an elastic band or a draw string? This is important because we can’t have your pants sagging down to your knees while you stroll down the halls of the hospital. I mean, that’s just unacceptable. You need them to be a perfect fit.

Scrubs with pockets are the best

As respiratory therapists, we use a few essential tools on a daily basis, and we pretty much need to keep them on us at all times. That’s why it is important for your scrubs to have several pockets available so you can have all of your necessary tools when that critical moment arrives.

Good scrubs are made of good materials

You have to select scrubs that are the right fabric for you. Some of the ladies may opt for the softer feeling scrubs, while you guys may want a thicker, more durable pair. Keep in mind, though, that you will want to find the right balance. You need scrubs that are durable but you also want them to be comfortable as well.

Wearing any article of clothing, including pajamas, for twelve hours (or more) is a very long time. So keeping your comfort level high is a must.

Dress to impress

I’m only half way kidding with this one. When you look your best, you will perform your best. Staying on top of your physical appearance will absolutely increase your confidence levels, and when you’re more confident, you will do better work. So make sure the scrubs you buy make you look and feel good about yourself.

Now that you know what features to look for in a great pair of scrubs, let’s look at some of the best brands that you should buy when selecting uniforms.

Best scrubs for Respiratory Therapists:

The Grey’s Anatomy scrubs are our top pick for both woman and men, for a variety of reasons. Typically these scrubs tend to have the best fit, compared to all the rest. They are extremely comfortable, while also are very durable as well. This is because they are made from a polyester and rayon blend feels nice and lightweight when on the move. The cargo pockets provide plenty of room to carry all your tools and utensils throughout your shift. They are also the most stylish and they come with a well-known name brand that everyone you know will recognize and love. I own a pair of these scrubs and they are definitely my favorite.

These are a bit more expensive, and that is because they are the best. You get what you pay for, right?

The Cherokee scrubs come in a close second place. These are actually the brand of scrubs that I own the most of. Do you want to know the reason? It’s simple: the price. They offer a very nice, comfortable, and durable set for a very good price compared to the other brands. These aren’t typically as comfortable as the Grey’s Anatomy, but it’s honestly not a huge difference. They still feel nice, even if you have a very active shift that requires you to move around a lot.

These aren’t fancy, but they get the job done.

The Landau scrubs are great! They come in third place on my list, but if I only owned this brand, I would still be completely satisfied with my work uniforms. Comfortable and durable, all at a pretty good price on Remember how I said it’s important to have enough pockets? Well, these scrubs come with the best pockets and they make it very easy to keep up with everything I need.

You can’t go wrong with a good pair of Landau scrubs.


Now you know exactly how to identify what are the best scrubs for respiratory therapists. You need scrubs that are reliable, comfortable, and durable. You need them to be the right material, and you also want them to fit your nicely. You can use this guide to be sure that you purchase the right set of scrubs for you. So what do you think?

Do you agree with my list of the best scrubs for respiratory therapists? Let me know in the comments. I would love to know if you have any other brand of scrubs that is your favorite.