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What is the definition of Bronchiectasis Chronic disease of bronchi and bronchioles Abnormal dilation inflammation and destruction of their walls
What are the causes of the bronchiectasis Unknown-Starts in childhood in many cases often secondary to other diseases Ciliary dyskinesia (karatenger’s syndrome) AIDS Bronchial obstructive Aspiration Aspergillosis CF healed TB Smoke inhalation Rheumatoid Transplant rejection Pertussis
What is the pathophysiology of bronchiectasis bacterial infection usually affects the segmental and subsegmental bronchi
What are the shapes of the destroyed bronchial walls Varicose Fusiform Saccular Cystic Cylindrical
Why are distal areas obstructed secretions, inflammation, fibrosis
What are some signs, symptoms, and observation with bronchiectasis Continuous cough with large amount of sputum, Recurrent local pneumonia, Occasional hemptypsis increaseing dyspnea
What are the breath sounds associated with severe state of bronchiectasis Rales Rhonchi
What is the old method for diagnose bronchiectasis Bronchogram
What is the now method used for diagnosing bronchiectasis CT Scan- HRCT
What happen in bronchiectasis after damages starts Bronchial walls destroyed mucosa atrophied Cilia Destoryed Ectatic area filled with pus Distal areas become obstructed
What are some problems pt that have bronchiectasis have Clubbing Atelectasis Consolidation Increased A-C membrane thickness bronchospasm Excessive bronchial secretions
What do the PFTs show on a pt with bronchiectasis can show either restrictive or obstructive
What does an ABGs show on a pt with bronchiectasis dependent on the stage of the disease: Mild to moderate -respiratory alkalosis with hypoxemia
What does an ABG show on a pt with severe bronchiectasis Compensated respiratory acidosis with hypoxemia
List some common infections associated with bronchiectasis Haemophilus influenza Strephococcus Staphococcus pneumonia moraxella caterrhalis pseudomonas in CF pts
What are some goals of bronchectasis Remove secretions and pt infections P&PD bronchial hygiene Mucomyst Bronchodilators Antibiotics O2 Surgical removal
What is the prognosis of bronchiectasis Extremely variable (extent of damage) Good management important