Why Do Nurses Think They Are So Great

Why Do Nurses Think They Are So Great? (Explained)

by | Updated: Jan 28, 2023

We all know that nurses are essential members of the healthcare team. They work closely with doctors and respiratory therapists to treat patients with various medical conditions.

Nurses are highly skilled and dedicated professionals. There’s no denying that the healthcare industry would be lost without them.

But why do nurses think they are so great? Here are some possible explanations:

1. They Save Lives

There’s no denying that nurses play a vital role in the healthcare system and are responsible for saving lives. Some examples of how they do so include:

  • Calling a “code blue”
  • Administering CPR
  • Administering medications
  • Monitoring vital signs
  • Making critical, quick decisions

Nurses, at times, are the only thing standing between life and death for their patients. They often work long hours and deal with a lot of stress, but they do it because they know that their patients’ lives depend on it.

2. They’re Highly Skilled

Nurses are highly trained professionals who are required to complete a rigorous educational program. In order to become a nurse, one must first obtain a nursing diploma or degree from an accredited nursing program.

Once they have completed their education, nurses must then pass a national licensing exam in order to practice. Hint: the exam is not easy.

Nurses are also required to complete continuing education courses in order to keep their licenses current. This ensures that they are up-to-date on the latest evidence-based practices and guidelines.

The skills that nurses possess are not only technical but also interpersonal.

They must be able to communicate effectively with patients, families, and other members of the healthcare team. They must also be able to think critically and make quick decisions in order to provide the best possible care for their patients.

3. They’re Smart

As previously mentioned, the process of becoming a nurse is not an easy one. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and intelligence.

In addition to the academic knowledge that they gain from their education, nurses must also have a strong understanding of human anatomy and physiology, as well as pharmacology.

They must be able to apply this knowledge in order to safely and effectively care for their patients.

Now, of course, not all nurses are created equal. However, all nurses must have a certain level of intelligence in order to be successful in their field.

4. They’re Compassionate

One of the most important qualities that nurses possess is compassion. They must be able to empathize with their patients and understand their needs.

They must be able to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support to their patients and their families.

In times of crisis, nurses are the calm in the storm. They provide comfort and reassurance to those who are terrified and helpless.

Again, nurses aren’t perfect. But the best ones are those who truly care about their patients and their families and are passionate about making a difference in their lives.

5. They’re Hardworking

Nurses work long hours, often putting in 12-hour shifts (or more in some cases). They deal with a lot of stress and are constantly on their feet.

But they do it because they know that their patients need them.

Sure, it takes a lot of work to become a nurse. But it doesn’t stop there. Nurses have to work hard every shift because their patients are counting on them.

6. They Work Well with Others

Nurses don’t work in isolation. They are part of a healthcare team that includes doctors, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, and many other professionals.

To provide optimal care for their patients, nurses must be able to work effectively with all members of the team.

They must be able to communicate clearly, take direction well, and collaborate when necessary. Nurses who can work well with others are an asset to any healthcare team.

7. They’re Resilient

Nurses see a lot of death and suffering. This is arguably the most unfortunate part of their job. They often see patients at their worst and must deal with the emotional fallout that comes with it.

This is not an easy thing to do. It requires a lot of strength and resilience.

Nurses who can deal with the emotional challenges of their job are true heroes. They are the ones who can comfort patients and their families in times of need and offer hope in the darkest of times.

8. They Don’t Mind Getting Their Hands Dirty

It’s no secret that nurses are not afraid to get their hands dirty. They are comfortable dealing with blood, vomit, and other bodily fluids.

They are also comfortable performing personal hygiene tasks for their patients, such as bathing them and changing their bedding.

Some people may view these tasks as demeaning. But nurses see them as an important part of their job. They know that these tasks are critical for the health and well-being of their patients.

9. They’re Front-Line Workers

Nurses are some of the most important front-line workers in the medical field. This makes them essential workers in times of crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic that took the world by storm.

Nurses provide care for patients who are infected with viruses and diseases, putting their own lives at risk.

They are the ones who are on the front lines, day in and day out, fighting to save lives. They are true heroes and deserve our respect and admiration.

What Makes a Great Nurse?

Again, not nurses are created equal. The good ones are okay, but the great nurses are truly exceptional. So what makes a great nurse?

The answer is simple: A great nurse possesses all of the qualities that have been mentioned in this article.

A great nurse is someone who is intelligent, hardworking, compassionate, resilient, and able to work well with others. They are also front-line workers who are essential in times of crisis.

Final Thoughts

So, why do nurses think they are so great? The reason is simple: Because they kind of are.

Nurses are some of the most important members of the healthcare team. They provide care for patients, offer comfort to their families, and work tirelessly to save lives.

The best nurses possess many qualities that make them exceptional at their job. They are the ones who go above and beyond for their patients and their families.

Nurses work closely with doctors, respiratory therapists, and other medical professionals who are also great in their own right. In fact, respiratory therapists count on nurses and vice versa.

If you’re considering a career in nursing, know that it is a noble and rewarding profession. It can be challenging and emotionally taxing, but it is also immensely gratifying. Thanks for reading!

John Landry, BS, RRT

Written by:

John Landry, BS, RRT

John Landry is a registered respiratory therapist from Memphis, TN, and has a bachelor's degree in kinesiology. He enjoys using evidence-based research to help others breathe easier and live a healthier life.


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