Here is a list of some of the best lung cleanse tea to drink for clear lungs and better breathing.

Looking for the right tea to drink in order to help clear your lungs? Then this article is for you. Below I have compiled a list of the best lung cleanse tea to help you breathe better and clear up those constricted airways.

As a Respiratory Therapist, coarse lungs is something I deal with on a daily basis. So that’s why I wanted to put this list together as a way to help others cleanse their lungs from the comfort of their own home, all while enjoying a tasty drink as well. Are you ready?  

Best Lung Cleanse Tea:

This is a tea known for a wide variety of benefits. The services range from helping with metabolism, regulation of one’s weight, and also bowel movements. It is also known for its great taste if you enjoy to spice it up with your tea.

Having been made of various ingredients such as basil leaf, elderflower, eucalyptus, mullein leaf, cinnamon bark among a host of more, you should really expect awesome results from this tea. It is also known to help people with sleeping problems and is a great sure for coughs and colds.

This tea tends to have a sweet taste which may be because it contains black licorice thus this tea is great without adding any sugar or sweetener to it. It is known to be a great treatment for anyone with a nasal congestion, sleeping problems, coughs, and common cold symptoms. It is also great for someone with sinus problems and lung congestion.

This tea is great mixed with honey, especially for those who enjoy a little sweetener in their tea. Honey is a nice touch. With this tea, drinking as little as 2 cups a day is enough to give you spectacular results.

Another great tea for anyone looking to clear up their lungs. This tea comes with instructions on how to brew it to get the greatest results. It is advised to first boil very fresh water, then pour an average of 8 ounces of the water directly over the tea bag in your cup and let it stay for an average five to ten minutes.

You can also add a natural sweetener such as honey if you like your tea a bit sweeter. Another thing, this tea is so tasty that you can consume it every hour if you need to. The best thing is, it is known to heal respiratory problems such as coughs and colds.

Just by looking at the very creative and colorful packaging, you already expect a lot from this tea. It is widely known to help people with asthma and breathing conditions. Apart from this, the tea has a great taste because it contains licorice.

It is also gluten-free, thus it is a great way to go for anyone who does not take gluten. It provides great relief to anyone with coughs, congestion, or just anyone dealing with respiratory issues.

This tea is known to help anyone with prolonged bronchial problems, asthma, prolonged cold, congestion of both the throat and lungs, and to even help you sleep more effectively.

The tea is also known for its great taste due to peppermint among its many other ingredients. For a person with asthma, it is especially great if the cause of your asthma is allergy induced.

This tea is rich in turmeric and rooibos as two of its primary ingredients, so you can immediately expect great results from this tea. Apart from being delicious, this tea has even greater pros, as it will help you breathe easier as well.

For anyone who cannot afford aromatherapy but is looking for a cheaper alternative, you should buy this tea. It is great for colds and coughs, but it does not stop there. Add a little honey, drink it twice a day and your lungs will clear up before you know it.

Just by reading the name you can already tell that this tea will be great for you if you have a cold, cough, throat irritation, or throat congestion. However, it does not end there. Couple this tea with ginger and you can say bye to your problems. Not only that, it has a nice taste as well. 

It especially great and known for its licorice flavor. You don’t have to drink it for long before you start seeing results. Your throat will start to feel better almost immediately, which will help you breathe better as well, of course. 

Looking for a tea with a tangy, lemony twist? Then this is the tea for you. I’m a huge fan of lemon flavors, so naturally, I love this tea as well. It is known for its power to cure nasal problems such as nasal congestion and stuffiness. 

Apart from this, it is also known for healing coughs, colds, soar throat, and irritations. Due to the lemon, this tea has a great taste to go along with amazing healing power.

Are you in search of a soothing, European tea? Then this may be the right choice for you. This tea is known all over the whole world for its soul-warming abilities. The fact that it has been here for 135 years should already tell you how good it is. It is composed of the greatest herbs such as thyme, eucalyptus, peppermint, anise seeds and even Tubi blossoms.

This tea, when drank with honey, is a treat. It is also great to treat a cold or even allergies. It has also been used to treat throat irritation, sinus problems, and even constricted airways.

This tea hails from a company in Portland, Oregon. This tea is caffeine-free, so its a great choice for those who chood not to consume caffeine. It is advised to be taken when doing activities like meditating, before going to bed, or even after going for a run.

It is made from 11 plants, which should be a great indicator that the ingredients will work wonders for you breathing. It is a great choice for someone with asthma or even bronchitis, to help relieve acute symptoms. Though not famous for how it looks or tastes, the results are well worth it.

And last but not least, this is an excellent tea that comes directly from mother earth. This is tea known to help people with respiratory diseases such as pneumonia. It is also very helpful when it comes to common problems such as colds, lung congestion, cough and flu-like symptoms.

Taste-wise, I’d say it has a good taste, but not great, in my opinion. Many people love the taste, but I just thought it was okay. But this is still a great tea and it made this list because of its healing properties.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Now you know the absolute best lung cleanse tea that you can use to open up your lungs, clear your airways, and help you breathe better starting almost immediately. Surely you can try out the teas listed here and find the one that is right for you. The good thing is, each lung cleanse tea in this article can be easily be found on Amazon.com.

So what are you waiting for? Fill up your cup and start breathing better in a jiffy.