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7 Best Adidas Shoes for Nurses and Medical Professionals (2023 Reviews)

by | Updated: Apr 13, 2023

With the constant demands of walking, running, and standing inherent for most nurses and medical professionals, it’s easy to see how a good pair of work shoes can come in handy. Adidas, a beloved shoe for running and exercising, is also a fantastic option for work shoes in the medical field. But like with most things, trying to find the best pair online can be difficult.

In order to make it easier, we have gathered up the best Adidas shoes for nurses and medical professionals to give you an idea of what is available. So if you’re ready, let’s get into it.

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Our Top Recommended Adidas Shoes for Nurses:

Keep reading for our more detailed reviews of the best Adidas shoes for nurses, Respiratory Therapists, doctors, and other medical professionals. You can learn more about our favorites below.

Best Adidas Shoes for Nurses and Healthcare Workers:

Number one on our list is the Adidas Ultraboost Running Shoes for Nurses. Designed with a reinforced knit upper, this shoe allows your feet to breathe and remain comfortable while giving you added structural support. With the reintroduction of the Adidas Boost cushion, the midsole of the shoe provides you with exceptional impact protection and an increased bounce back with each step.

The sole of the shoe features Continental Rubber that gives you greater traction and stability in slick environments. There are a variety of color options available, with a total of 17 you can choose from.

These shoes are available in sizes 5 to 11, with half sizes from 5.5 to 11.5. Among many other reasons, these are easily the best Adidas shoes for nurses and medical professionals — which is why we recommend them as our top choice.

Top Features:

  • The Ultraboost features a knitted upper, which allows for maximum comfort and breathability.
  • An Adidas Boost midsole offers you greater shock absorption and energizes your steps with its bounce-back design.
  • A Continental Rubber sole grants you better grip and control in any weather.

Coming in at number two on our list of the best Adidas shoes for nurses is the Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes. With the goal of being the most comfortable shoe on the market, it includes a stretchy knitted upper and a memory foam sockliner that works together to provide comfort during long shifts.

This conveniently designed slip-on style shoe forms to your foot, helping you reduce the time it takes you to get ready. These shoes are made with Cloudfoam technology and feature extra cushion in the midsole to keep your feet feeling relaxed all day.

The higher arch found in the Pure Running shoes helps keep your feet supported whether you are walking or standing for long periods of time. These Adidas shoes range from sizes 5 to 12, with half sizes available. You are sure to find the perfect color combination with these shoes due to there being 51 different shades to choose from.

Top Features:

  • The Cloudfoam Pure highlights the comfort you need using a knitted upper and a memory foam sockliner.
  • It has an easy slip-on design that saves you time and gets you out the door faster.
  • The Adidas Cloudfoam technology gives you more cushion and support that will last throughout the day.

The Adidas Women’s Puremotion Adapt Running Shoe comes in at number three on our list. They feature an upper made of a knitted fabric that allows for increased airflow and breathability. Across the top of the upper, there are two elastic straps that help keep your feet stabilized and secure in the shoe.

The midsole of the sneaker is made using Neo Cloudfoam technology, offering increased cushion and comfort when always on the go. The outsole of this shoe is made up of a synthetic rubber that prevents leaving skids on the ground while ensuring you have efficient traction in hazardous areas.

Adidas gives you ten different color and style options to choose from in order to completely customize your outfits to suit you. There is a decent section of sizes to choose from, expanding from size 5 to 12 with half sizes available.

Top Features:

  • The Puremotion Adapt shoes secure and stabilize your feet inside by using two straps stretched across the upper.
  • A Neo Cloudfoam midsole offers enhanced cushioning for comfort during long shifts.
  • The outsole of these shoes is designed with synthetic rubber that helps prevent you from leaving unwanted skid marks while also giving you better traction.

Coming in at number four is the lightweight and versatile Adidas Women’s Edge Lux Running Shoes. These shoes feature an extra stretchy upper and a slimmed-down midsole to keep them light and airy for all-day wear. The Bounce midsole on the Edge Lux provides you with a mid-ranged cushion for comfort, protection from shocks, and greater flexibility during the heel-to-toe transition.

With a rounded heel, these shoes help you stabilize your gait by supporting your heel and ankle while preventing any excessive movement. The Edge Lux also has a multidirectional traction pattern on the sole, giving you better stability in wet or slick environments.

These shoes come in sizes 5 to 12, with half sizes available from sizes 4.5 to 11.5. There are 15 different color combinations, from neutral black and white to the brighter pink and silver.

Top Features:

  • A multidirectional traction pattern found on the bottom of the shoe provides extra
    stability and protection from slips.
  • They feature an Adidas Bounce midsole that offers you flexibility, impact protection, and cushion.
  • A rounded heel helps to stabilize your gait for smoother, pain-free walking.

Number five on our list is the 80’s inspired Adidas Women’s NMD Boost Shoes for Nurses. These shoes feature a knitted Bootee construction and extra stretch around the opening of the shoe for ease in slipping them on and off. The premium Adidas Boost midsole gives you the best cushioning system and responsive bounce-back of any Adidas shoe by fusing together pellets of super springing TPU.

Stability and extra traction can be found on the NMD Boost with a webbed rubber sole stretching the length of the shoe. The addition of metallic plugs on the midsole adds a futuristic detail to these nostalgically inspired shoes.

They are available in sizes ranging from 5 to 13, with half sizes between 4.5 and 13.5. These shoes come in an impressive array of colors, with a total of 58 to choose from.

Top Features:

  • These feature the revolutionary Adidas Bounce midsole that provides exceptional comfort and bounce-back with its innovative design.
  • Designed as a slip-on with a knitted Bootee construction, these shoes are comfortable with a snug fit.
  • The addition of a webbed rubber sole gives you extra protection from accidental slips in all types of environments.

Made for long days of trail hiking and coming in at number six on our list is the Adidas Women’s Rockadia Trail Running Shoes. These shoes were designed to be comfortable even if you wear them for long periods of time, which translates perfectly to the shift lengths of most nurses and medical professionals.

The durable Adiwear outsole provides extra traction in wet or slick environments, while the mesh upper keeps your feet cool with strategically placed vents.

These shoes feature an Ortholite sockliner to give you unbeatable comfort and cushion that can hold up to daily wear and tear.

The Adidas Cloudfoam midsole found in the Rockadia shoes allows you to have consistent shock absorption along its length while still being durable enough to last with extended use. These shoes are available in sizes 5 through 11 and come in a neutral black and grey color combination.

Top Features:

  • They include a durable Ortholite sockliner for added cushion and comfort.
  • The Adiwear outsole gives you more traction when in hazardous environments.
  • A Cloudfoam midsole provides a durable, shock-absorbing layer to the shoes.

The Adidas Women’s Qt Racer Shoes for Nurses come in at number seven on our list. The comfortable midsole is made with Adidas Cloudfoam technology, giving you the support and shock absorption you need while always on the move. These shoes feature a stretchy knitted upper that provides you flexibility while staying securely and comfortably in place.

The Qt Racer Shoes have a synthetic gridded outsole that allows for better traction and stability. These shoes come in a range of sizes, from 5 to 12, with half sizes available. There are 24 different color choices to choose from, easily allowing you to find the perfect shade for your style.

Top Features:

  • The Cloudfoam midsole design gives you comfort and stability while also providing impact protection for your feet and joints.
  • A knitted upper gives you flexibility and increased airflow that helps your feet stay cool and dry in any situation.
  • The synthetic gridded outsole gives you enhanced traction and durability with each step.

Final Thoughts

When looking for the best pair of work shoes you can find, it’s best to keep in mind the width size, comfort level, and amount of impact protection you need.

Between that and our handy reviews above, you’re just a few clicks away from finding the best adidas shoes for you. Thank you so much for reading and as always, breathe easy my friend.