Are you looking for a medical clipboard that can help you stay organized in the clinical setting? If so, look no further because we’ve compiled the best of the best for you in this article. 

As a medical professional, it’s so important to keep everything organized when treating patients. And you can do that by utilizing a high-quality medical clipboard. And the purpose of this article is to help you pick out the best clipboard to fit your needs. So if you’re ready, let’s go ahead and dive right in. 

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Our Top Medical Clipboard Recommendations:

Now that you’ve taken a look at our quick-list of medical clipboards, let’s dive deeper into our more detailed reviews. 

Best Clipboards for Respiratory Therapy Students:

I’ll start by saying this is by far the best, which is explains why it comes in at #1 on our list. This clipboard is ideal for any and all Respiratory Therapy students and Respiratory Therapists.  It fits standard 8.5 x 11-inch paper, holding up to 30 pages, and closes securely to keep patient documents private, complying with HIPAA regulations.

Further, it has a handy medical reference printed on the surface, covering all the basics of respiratory care and diagnostics, to aid in quick charting. 

What’s good about this clipboard is that it includes pertinent data and normal values, including oxygen flow rates, obstructed and restricted breathing, acid/base levels, arterial blood gases, and intubation removal/support oxygen discontinuation procedures and indicators. 

This clipboard comes in other colors as well:

In addition to being a great reference, the clipboard itself is compact, folding in half for easy storage or to be carried in a pocket.  Last but not least, the clipboard has a powder-coated paint finish that’s designed for durability and a quality metal with corner protectors to easily allow for document insertion and removal many, many times over the clipboard’s long life. This clipboard will make your life so much easier during clinicals. 

Taking convenience to the next level, this clipboard is geared toward doctors, nurses, and of course, Respiratory Therapists.  It holds normal 8.5 x 11 paper in the clip, which helpfully also has a built-in, full-function calculator.  This can greatly aid in figuring outflow rates, titrations, medication levels, and more during the treatment of your patients, without having to rely on your own mental capacity or carrying around an additional calculator. It can all be done from this handy clipboard. 

Additionally, the clipboard itself has printed values and references geared just for respiratory therapy patient care, containing some core information such as common respiratory/breathing patterns, oxygen weaning criteria, breath sounds descriptors for charting, the glasgow coma scale (GCS) reference, and more.

The only downside to this particular clipboard is some user complaints that it is missing some key respiratory reference information, such as arterial blood gases, that are essential to respiratory therapy and intervention practices.  Nevertheless, the addition of the calculator in the clip makes this clipboard worth considering. 

This clipboard is mostly designed for doctors and medical residents, however, it is still a good option for Respiratory Therapists as well. In general, clipboards often lack enough storage space but this Medical Storage Clipboard solves this problems!  First and foremost, it’s a durable clipboard, with hard plastic construction, which holds standard size paper and forms, 8.5 x 11 or a bit larger.  The clip is a rugged metal with corner protectors to securely hold even single sheets of paper without them falling out or being damaged.

Next, it integrates a full, general purpose medical quick-reference sheet on the surface of the clipboard, providing helpful diagnostic and charting references such as typical patient lab values, normal heart patterns, Glasgow coma scale (GCS) rating, reflex chart, sepsis and shock information, basic medical Spanish, ECG reference, acid-base physiology, calculation and formula reference, and much more. Like I said, much of the information isn’t directly related to Respiratory Therapy, although it’s still very important information to know and have handy when you’re seeing patients.

On top of all of this, the clipboard opens up to reveal a storage compartment over 1 inch in depth, that can fit hundreds of papers or small reference books.  This is a great place to store patient documents securely to comply with HIPAA regulations.  In addition, a small segmented compartment at the bottom holds several writing instruments – one of the most critical tools for any doctor, nurse, or health professional.  This clipboard really does offer great versatility and value!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. You are now aware of the absolute best medical clipboards for use in the clinical setting. Whether you’re a Respiratory Therapists, doctor, nurse, or even a medical student — hopefully this list can help you select the best medical clipboard to fit your needs.

Thank you so much for reading. Find care, take care, and as always, breathe easy my friend.