Are you looking for a medical clipboard that can help you stay organized in the clinical setting? If so, look no further because we’ve compiled the best of the best for you here in this article. 

As a medical professional, it’s so important to keep everything organized when treating patients. And you can do that by utilizing a high-quality medical clipboard. The purpose of this article is to help you pick out the best clipboard to fit your needs. So if you’re ready, let’s go ahead and dive right in. 

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Our Top Medical Clipboard Recommendations:

Now that you’ve taken a look at our quick-list of medical clipboards, let’s dive deeper into our more detailed reviews. 

Best Clipboards for Respiratory Therapy Students:

Coming in at #1 on our list is the WhiteCoat Respiratory Edition Clipboard. We love this clipboard because it is ideal for both Respiratory Therapists and RT students as well.

Not only is this clipboard stylish and easy on the eye, it has medical references printed on the surface that covers many of the most important normal values and ranges.

This definitely comes in handy, especially for students. Some of the data includes ABG’s, PFT’s, weaning parameters, oxygen systems, flow-volume curves, COPD classifications, and more.

This Clipboard Comes in Other Great Colors as Well:

In addition to being a great reference, the clipboard itself is sleek and compact. It folds in half for easy storage and can be carried in your pocket.

Last but not least, the clipboard is very durable. It has a powder-coated paint finish and quality corner protectors which helps it last for months or years on end. As I said before, this clipboard will make your life so much easier during clinicals, so I definitely recommend it for all Respiratory Therapy Students. 

Next up on our list is the Whitecoat MedInfo Clipboard Medical Edition. Similar to #1, this clipboard comes with all the reference charts and normal values you need.

The difference is, this one has broader medical references as opposed to only Respiratory Therapy-related.

It holds up to thirty sheets without creases, and is highly compact, folding in half to fit easily into your white-coat pocket.

The only downside is that it’s rather pricey as clipboards go, but if you’re a perfectionist who values efficiency and neatness, then we’re sure it’ll be more than worth the small investment.


  • Includes reference Sheet for normal lab values, conversions, grading and more.
  • Folds to a half-inch size
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Expensive

Next up on our list is the Tribe RN Medical Clipboard with Storage and Quick Access.

The latest clipboard from Tribe RN boasts its handy backside cheat sheet, storage that holds up to a hundred sheets, and a lightweight yet sturdy design that won’t slow you down during your busy shift.

It comes in four different colors: mint, pink, purple and black, which helps avoid mix-ups with clipboards of your fellow staff mates.

Another plus is that your purchase includes free VIP access to bonus online cheat sheets that you can print or download on your phone according to your specialty or round, such as pediatrics, NICU, obstetrics and even more.


  • Weighs only 0.7 pounds
  • VIP membership with bonus cheat sheets
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Cheatsheet lacks some normal values such as ABG
Next up on our list is the SUNNYCLIP Metal Clipboard with Storage Box. If you value durability and high-quality materials, then this is the clipboard for you. It’s made of heavy-duty 30% recycled aluminum and hence is waterproof as well as weather-resistant.

Its storage box is divided into two trays. The smaller one is for patient files and documents and the lower, larger one is for tools and equipment, which makes things even more organized and efficient.

The clear drawback of its sturdy design, however, is that it’s rather heavy. This can make it burdensome to carry around.


  • Sturdy
  • Spacious
  • Organized


  • Weighs 1.85 pounds
  • No reference sheets
Next up on our list is the ClinicalGuru Nursing Clipboard with Cheat Sheets. Another clipboard from Tribe RN, this one offers the same storage capacity and lightweight design.

The main difference is that it comes with five high gloss PVC cheat sheets, which include general medicine, pharmacy, pediatrics and much more. So even if you’re not a nurse, this medical clipboard is a great alternative for other healthcare professionals as well.

These sheets are waterproof and can be marked with dry erase markers, making this clipboard particularly appealing if you’re a nursing student or still new to the job.


  • Includes five premium cheat sheets
  • Weighs only 0.7 pounds
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The sticker might fall off
  • It takes a bit longer than expected to ship

Next up on our list is the Healing Hands Medical Clipboard with StorageThis clipboard is all about its elegant design and subtle hues. It comes in muted shades of mint and black, with a matte surface and glossy edges. When placing your judgement on appearance alone, this one, honestly, is hard to beat. 

Not to mention, it’s also extremely customizable. It comes with several empowering stickers and inspirational quotes to help you get through those days when you’re feeling burnt out.

Its shiny reference sheet includes all the standard values as well as some extras such as APGAR score and maternal values. The only problem is that its storage space is a bit cramped, especially if you rely on heavy stationary or equipment at work.


  • Sleek Design
  • Motivational stickers


  • Small storage space
Next up on our list is the Nursing Clipboard with Quick Medical Reference Sheet. Ideal for students on a budget, this clipboard provides you with all the essential features you expect to find in a medical clipboard without breaking the bank.

Its reference sheet is comprehensive and its weight is only 0.5 pounds, so you won’t need to worry about arm pain by the end of your shift.

One thing to keep in mind is that it isn’t as sturdy as other models, so its edges might chip if you’re not too careful.


  • Cheap
  • Lighter than most clipboards


  • Low durability
Next up on our list is the Officemate Slim Clipboard Storage Box.

Affordable, spacious and lightweight, this clipboard checks all your wants off the list. Measuring fourteen inches in length, its ample size guarantees that it’ll fit all your sheets, stationery, and medical equipment.

It even has a separate smaller compartment for your writing tools to keep things organized. We love that it comes in two translucent colors, blue and purple, in addition to its signature charcoal model.

The one thing it lacks, however, is a cheat sheet, but if you’re prepared to forego your references or create your own, this clipboard can be quite the catch.


  • Large storage box
  • Affordable


  • No reference sheet

This clipboard is mostly designed for doctors and medical residents, however, it is still a good option for Respiratory Therapists as well. In general, clipboards often lack enough storage space but this Medical Storage Clipboard solves this problem.

First and foremost, it’s a durable clipboard, with hard plastic construction, which holds standard size paper and forms, 8.5 x 11 or a bit larger. The clip is a rugged metal with corner protectors to securely hold even single sheets of paper without them falling out or being damaged.

Next, it integrates a full, general purpose medical quick-reference sheet on the surface of the clipboard, providing helpful diagnostic and charting references such as typical patient lab values, normal heart patterns, Glasgow coma scale (GCS) rating, reflex chart, sepsis and shock information, basic medical Spanish, ECG reference, acid-base physiology, calculation and formula reference, and much more.

Like I said, much of the information isn’t directly related to Respiratory Therapy, although it’s still very important information to know and have handy when you’re seeing patients.

On top of all of this, the clipboard opens up to reveal a storage compartment over 1 inch in depth, that can fit hundreds of papers or small reference books.  This is a great place to store patient documents securely to comply with HIPAA regulations.

In addition, a small segmented compartment at the bottom holds several writing instruments – one of the most critical tools for any doctor, nurse, or health professional.  This clipboard really does offer great versatility and value.

Taking convenience to the next level, this clipboard is geared toward doctors, nurses, and of course, Respiratory Therapists. It holds normal 8.5 x 11 paper in the clip, which helpfully also has a built-in, full-function calculator.

This can greatly aid in figuring outflow rates, titrations, medication levels, and more during the treatment of your patients, without having to rely on your own mental capacity or carrying around an additional calculator.

It can all be done from this handy clipboard. 

Additionally, the clipboard itself has printed values and references geared just for respiratory therapy patient care, containing some core information such as common respiratory/breathing patterns, oxygen weaning criteria, breath sounds descriptors for charting, the glasgow coma scale (GCS) reference, and more.

The only downside to this particular clipboard is some user complaints that it is missing some key respiratory reference information, such as arterial blood gases, that are essential to respiratory therapy and intervention practices.

Nevertheless, the addition of the calculator in the clip makes this clipboard worth considering for almost any Respiratory Therapist and medical professional.

Tips on How to Pick the Right Medical Clipboard:

Now that we’ve reviewed our favorite medical clipboards, the question remains which one should you pick? Read on as we guide you in choosing the right clipboard to fit your specialty, work style, and hospital environment.


The weight of your clipboard is a pretty tricky issue to tackle. You don’t want it to be too heavy that it wears you out or causes your forearm to tingle. But what’s the ideal weight, you might ask?

We recommend a weight in the ballpark of one pound. You may choose to get a clipboard lighter than this if you’re a medical student who moves around a lot during rounds, or say, if you work in the emergency room where swiftness could mean life or death.

Meanwhile, a heavier clipboard may seem just as comfortable if you have a more stationary job such as a family doctor or in a private clinic, or if you simply trust that your biceps won’t let you down.

Storage Capacity

Some healthcare workers use their clipboards to jot down notes and to keep their files secure and close at hand. Others use them to carry around their documents in addition to their tablet, hand lotion, lip balm, and perhaps even an energy bar or two.

As you can see, your choice of storage space really decides how you’re going to use your clipboard in the long run.

Make a mental list of all the items you use on a daily basis and regularly stuff in your white-coat pockets, then add some extras that you wish were at your disposal if it weren’t for the lack of space. The size of the average clipboard is a tad larger than an A4 paper with a thickness of one inch.

Will the items on your mental list fit? If your answer is yes, then most standard clipboards will do the job. If not, consider a bigger clipboard, such as the SUNNYCLIP option that we reviewed above.

A great option if you’re looking for a larger, more sturdy option.

As an affiliate, we receive compensation if you purchase through this link.


Most clipboards in the market are made of one of two materials: aluminum or plastic. While it’s common knowledge that aluminum is stronger, that doesn’t mean you should eliminate all plastic clipboards from your search.

Many of them are just as strong and offer a cool range of colors to choose from. More importantly, however, plastic is generally lighter than aluminum. Even among plastic clipboards, the more durable ones tend to be thicker and thus heavier.

It’s a pretty delicate balance, but let’s put it this way. If you’re looking for a clipboard for rough heavy-duty handling, or if you’ve complained of cracked clipboards before, then an aluminum one might be a smart idea.

For the daily demands of the average healthcare worker though, both aluminum and plastic would do just fine as long as it’s a reputable brand.

Why Do You Need a Medical Clipboard?

With the explosive growth of medical clipboards, manufacturers have come up with various contraptions and concoctions: Clipboards with built-in clocks, timers, solar-powered calculators, and even LED-flashlights!

Seriously speaking though, are these features really necessary? Keep in mind that any extras add up to your clipboard’s cost, increase its weight, and take up space. Instead, you should tailor them according to your job’s demands.

Pharmacists may find the calculator useful in calculating concentrations and dosages, for example, and that flashlight may be a lifesaver if you have frequent night shifts. If you’d rather keep your brand new Swatch at home, then a built-in timer may be the best alternative for measuring vitals.

Nurses usually pack one of these in their bags. It’s an absolutely essential item.

Top Three Medical Clipboard Brands:

Whitecoat Clipboards

This is one of the leading manufacturers, popular for its foldable clipboards and numerous accessories and engraving options.

This is our top recommended medical clipboard that sits in the #1 spot on our list.

As an affiliate, we receive compensation if you purchase through this link.

Tribe RN

Another strong market competitor, this one boasts the widest array of reference sheets tailored for every medical profession/specialty.

A very high-quality medical clipboard, especially for registered nurses.
As an affiliate, we receive compensation if you purchase through this link.


Although it doesn’t specialize in medical clipboards, this brand is well-known for its durable strength and wide storage compartments.

A brief description of the product goes here. It’s best if kept to only two lines.

As an affiliate, we receive compensation if you purchase through this link.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Clipboards:

1. What is a HIPAA compliant clipboard?

HIPAA is short for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which protects the privacy of patients’ sensitive information.

HIPAA compliant clipboards usually have a lockable storage compartment where you can safely secure patients’ private records to ensure their confidentiality.

2. What do reference sheets include?

Most medical sheets or charts include all the essential lab values such as CBC, LFT, and ABG, in addition to a few basic conversions. Extras such as ECG and gauge sizes depend on whether this clipboard is a nursing or medical edition.

Some clipboards, such as the one we mentioned earlier from Tribe RN, even offer specialty-tailored sheets.

3. Does the reference sheet fade with time?

Yes, this is a common complaint among clipboard users, especially if you wipe it with antiseptic between patients.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. You are now aware of the absolute best medical clipboards for use in the clinical setting. Whether you’re a Respiratory Therapists, doctor, nurse, or even a medical student — hopefully this list can help you select the best medical clipboard to fit your needs.

Thank you so much for reading. Find care, take care, and as always, breathe easy my friend.