Whether you’re a nursing student or a practicing nurse, you may be interested in medical board games to play with your friends and family. Some are designed to instill the love of medical knowledge in your children, some are created to help nursing students study, and still others are simply designed for a good laugh.

We’ve reviewed some of the best medical board games for nurses and nursing students that provide both a fun and educational experience for you and your peers.

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Our Top Recommended Medical Board Games for Nurses:

Keep reading for our more detailed reviews of the best medical board games for nurses, Respiratory Therapists, doctors, EMT’s, and other healthcare professionals.

Best Medical Board Games for Nurses and Healthcare Workers:

This doctor-themed card game pits players against each other in a race to treat and cure the most patients. The game is a combination of strategy and chance, making for a different gameplay experience each round.

Reviewers note that Doctor Wars Hospital Card Game is simple to understand and players should be able to learn how to play quickly. It includes inside terminology that those who work in medicine would understand, and makes the perfect gift for your doctor, nurse or medical student friends!

Top Features:

  • Perfect for ages 10 & up
  • Designed for 2-4 players or teams
  • Made in the USA
  • Quick gameplay that can be completed in 30 minutes or less
  • Players compete against each other to heal the most patients

Children and adults of all ages love this classic Operation Electronic Board Game by Hasbro. Players take turns being the “doctor” who must perform a series of successful surgeries on Cavity Sam without activating the buzzer and losing your turn.

As a game of skill, Operation helps younger players define their fine motor skills – perhaps in practice for a future career in medicine? Nurses and doctors will get a kick out of this retro version of the childhood game they remember that perhaps even inspired their own careers. Snatch it up today before this retro version is gone!

Top Features:

  • Made for ages 6 & up
  • 2 AA batteries required
  • Can be played with one or multiple players
  • Requires skill to complete complex operations on a patient

Show off your medical knowledge during family game night with this popular trivia game. This game presents its players with a series of challenging questions and activities in 4 different categories – science, popular culture, English, and the arts.

Cranium Board Game is one of the best-selling games on the market, and for good reason. Because there’s something for everyone, most people love this party game that will make you the hit of any social gathering.

Top Features:

  • Best for ages 16+
  • Designed for 4 or more players
  • Features 600 all-new cards for exciting gameplay
  • Engages players with fascinating trivia questions and challenges

Got a kid who loves gross science facts? They’ll love this “meducational” board game by Outset Media. Even grown-ups will enjoy the fun challenges and tricky questions.

A quick scan of the Scabs and Guts Educational Board Game many positive reviews shows that families who are employed in the medical field enjoy this fun and informative game. In addition, reviewers appreciate how quick and easy this game is to pick up on for first-time players.

Top Features:

  • Designed for ages 6 & up
  • Requires 2 or more players
  • Gameplay takes approximately 1 hour
  • Teaches gross and interesting medical facts to kids and adults of all ages

Need to study for your NCLEX® exam? The NCLEX¨ Review Game by RNtertainment makes cramming for your test both easy and fun! Practicing nurses will also enjoy keeping their skills sharp with this helpful medical knowledge board game.

Study on your own or gather your colleagues and refresh your nursing knowledge with a fun and competitive gameplay. A booklet of test-taking tips rounds off this helpful and engaging study aid.

Top Features:

  • Designed to help aspiring nurses study for their NCLEX® exams
  • Can be played with one player or as a multiplayer game
  • Features 800 clinical questions and scenarios
  • Includes multiple-choice, multiple response, prioritizing & fill-in-the-blank questions

Don’t let the advanced design of Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game intimidate you! Gameplay is complex yet intuitive enough for kids as young as 10.

Anyone who geeks out over biology will get a kick out of this strategic game created with 100% accurate science in mind. This game teaches and reinforces concepts learned in a typical biology class such as DNA and mRNA, mitochondria, macromolecules and organelles.

Top Features:

  • Perfect for ages 10 & up
  • Can be played with 2-5 players
  • Takes on average 60-90 minutes to play
  • Challenging and engaging gameplay teaches cell biology
  • Complies with all STEM and NGSS standards

Reviewers found Organ Attack! Medical Card Game challenging, interesting and fun for all players. This game uses both accurate medical terminology and twisted humor to entertain and educate as you compete to attack your opponent’s organs while keeping yours.

Learn about organs, immunity and medical conditions as you play this quick and easy strategy game. Adults and older children alike will enjoy the interactive and hilarious gameplay. To help keep players on their toes, additional expansion packs are also available.

Top Features:

  • Created for 2-6 people
  • Best for ages 10 & up
  • Fast & easy gameplay
  • Objective of the game is to steal all of your opponent’s organs first

Perhaps a bit too real for 2020; each player represents a deadly virus as you compete to take on the most hosts all over the world. Strategic gameplay keeps players interested and engaged as their virus sweeps across the globe.

The instructions are easy to pick up on, and gameplay is intuitive once players get started. Ndemic Creations Plague Inc. Board Game‘s hundreds of glowingly positive reviews rave about how much fun it is to play. Those in medical professions will especially enjoy this game, but it can be played with friends and family of any background.

Top Features:

  • Designed for 1-4 players
  • Best for ages 14 & up
  • Gameplay lasts approximately 60 minutes
  • Based on the best-selling video game
  • Players win by infecting the most people with your deadly virus

Looney Labs Anatomy Fluxx Card Game is a game of both strategy and chance. Students of all ages and those with medical careers will enjoy this challenging and educational card game that entertains as much as it teaches.

The rules are simple, but gameplay is unique with each round. If you and your loved ones geek out over anatomy and physiology, you’ll love this engaging and challenging game. Fluxx games are also popular with homeschooling families.

Top Features:

  • Can be played with 2-6 players
  • Designed for ages 8 & up
  • Short gameplay of 5-30 minutes
  • Teaches and reviews medical concepts like anatomy and organ function

It is often said that nurses, doctors and others in medical careers develop a dark sense of humor. If that describes you, you’ll love this adult board game full of “twisted” medical humor. Players move around a game-board filled with accidents, injuries, illness and other maladies.

Advance on the Injury or Illness Medical Board Game by avoiding calamity and laughing at the tragedies that befall your fellow colleagues. Some of the scenarios are even inspired from actual events! Bring this one to the next work event.

Top Features:

  • Can be played 2-8 players
  • Designed for ages 18 & up
  • Gameplay averages 30 minutes
  • Mixes dark humor with real-world scenarios for a truly engaging gameplay

Final Thoughts

For those in the nursing profession, it is important to remember to have a bit of fun! So take a break from caring for patients and pick yourself up a little something from Amazon to challenge your mind and make you giggle.

Whether you’re searching for a board game to play at home with the family, at work on break times, after school with your fellow nursing students, or at your next social gathering – you’re sure to find a medical board game you’ll enjoy in the list above.

We hope you found these medical board game reviews helpful and that you’ll have a blast at your next game night!