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72+ Best Hypertension Quotes and Sayings for Inspiration

by | Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a common condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It is a major risk factor for heart disease, stroke, and other serious health problems.

Despite its serious consequences, many people find it difficult to control their blood pressure.

To help raise awareness and encourage individuals to take control of their health, we’ve compiled a list of the best quotes about hypertension.

These quotes provide insight, motivation, and inspiration for those struggling with high blood pressure.

Best Quotes About Hypertension:

1. The best way to keep your blood pressure down is to know what makes it go up. – Meister Johansen

2. Blood pressure is the measure of the force of blood against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps it around the body.” – Unknown

3. High blood pressure is a silent killer. It can strike without warning, but with proper care and lifestyle changes, it can be controlled. – Dr. David B. Ryder

4. It’s never too late to take control of your blood pressure and improve your overall health. – Sarah Jenkins

5. Small changes can make a big difference in managing blood pressure. Start by making healthy choices every day. – Blaire Burdette

6. The secret to managing blood pressure is a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, regular exercise, and stress reduction. – Dr. Andrew Hall

7. Resentment and anger are bad for your blood pressure and your digestion. – Desmond Tutu

8. People take ownership of sickness and disease by saying things like MY high blood pressure MY diabetes, MY heart disease, MY depression, MY! MY! MY! Don’t own it because it doesn’t belong to you! – Stella Payton

9. Many physical illnesses are associated with depression and anxiety, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, kidney disease, lung disease, dementia, and cancer. – Liz Miller

10. A systemic cleansing and detox is definitely the way to go after each holiday. It is the key to fighting high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and other health-related illnesses. – Lee Haney

11. The myriad of serious health risks resulting from poor diet include high cholesterol, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and even sleep apnea. – Jane Velez-Mitchell

12. A certain blue enters your soul. A certain red has an effect on your blood-pressure. – Henri Matisse

13. One way to get high blood pressure is to go mountain climbing over molehills. – Earl Wilson

14. A newspaper is a circulating library with high blood pressure. – Arthur Baer

15. Perhaps it is a testament to the power of modern marketing savvy that an obese man with heart disease and high blood pressure became one of the richest snake oil salesmen ever to live, selling a diet that promises to help you lose weight, to keep your heart healthy and to normalize your blood pressure. – T. Colin Campbell

16. The first step towards controlling high blood pressure is acknowledging that it’s there. – Hunter McDaniel

17. The real solution to high blood pressure is a combination of diet, exercise, and stress management. – Dr. Mehmet Juan

18. Take care of your heart, and the rest will follow. – Eric Mathers

19. Your emotions are meant to fluctuate, just like your blood pressure is meant to fluctuate. It’s a system that’s supposed to move back and forth, between happy and unhappy. That’s how the system guides you through the world. – Daniel Gilbert

20. The mere sound of moving water has been shown to lower blood pressure. – Patch Adams

21. There should be no more shame in acknowledging (mental illness) than in acknowledging a battle with high blood pressure or the sudden appearance of a malignant tumor. – Jeffrey R. Holland

22. Fasting lowers your blood pressure and can lower your cholesterol. – Jentezen Franklin

23. A systemic cleansing and detox is definitely the way to go after each holiday. It is the key to fighting high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and other health-related illnesses. – Lee Haney

24. Well, I don’t know one coach in the NBA who doesn’t have high blood pressure. – Mike D’Antoni

25. Your pantry is your first line of defense against food-borne illness and things like high blood pressure and cholesterol. – Joe Bastianich

26. Recent studies have revealed that children 8-10 years old are being diagnosed with Type II diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure at an alarming rate. – Lee Haney

27. It’s infrequent that people are rail thin yet have high blood pressure. – Eric Topol

28. Blood pressure varies throughout the day, and can change in response to different activities and emotions.

29. Blood pressure is highest in the morning, and lowest at night while sleeping.

30. Blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg).

31. Blood pressure readings consist of two numbers, the systolic pressure (top number) and the diastolic pressure (bottom number).

32. Blood pressure tends to increase with age, affecting more than 75% of people over the age of 65.

33. High blood pressure has no symptoms, making it known as “the silent killer.”

34. Some factors that can affect blood pressure include stress, lack of exercise, and a diet high in salt and saturated fat.

35. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and stress management can all help to lower high blood pressure.

36. Blood pressure changes in response to different positions, such as lying down, standing up, and sitting. In some cases, people may experience low blood pressure, also known as hypotension, when standing up too quickly.

37. A healthy lifestyle is the best medicine for controlling blood pressure. – Unknown

38. The secret to good health is in your hands – control your blood pressure, eat well, exercise regularly, and stay positive. – Daniel Tapp

39. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to managing blood pressure. – Amanda Shaw

40. Believe in yourself and your ability to control blood pressure. – Tiffany Stone

41. Your blood pressure is a reflection of your lifestyle. Make changes today for a healthier tomorrow. – Brooke Benjamin

42. Small steps can lead to big changes in blood pressure control. – Dani Jones

43. Good health is not just about managing blood pressure, it’s about taking care of your whole self – mind, body, and spirit. – Jesse Mathews

44. Invest in your health, take control of your blood pressure. – Joe Callahan

45. A positive attitude can go a long way in managing blood pressure. – Chuck Gurley

46. With determination and the right support, you can achieve optimal blood pressure and live a healthy, happy life. – Jordan Mitchell

47. Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship. – Buddha

48. He who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything. – Thomas Carlyle

49. Give a man health and a course to steer, and he’ll never stop to trouble about whether he’s happy or not. – George Bernard Shaw

50. Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. – B.K.S. Iyengar

51. Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in. – Jim Rohn

52. Gaining control over your health and well-being is one of those times in your life that you get to be completely selfish and not feel bad about it. If you want to meet your goals, you have to make it about you. You have to make it work for you and you alone. Anything less is a setup for failure. – Jennifer Hudson

53. Follow your dreams, work hard, practice, and persevere. Make sure you eat a variety of foods, get plenty of exercise, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. – Sasha Cohen

54. A healthy heart beats with determination, positivity, and a commitment to wellness. – Brent Wrencher

55. Take care of your heart, and it will take care of you. – Topper Potts

56. Love yourself enough to prioritize your heart health. – Autumn Smith

57. The first step towards a healthy cardiovascular system is taking control of your lifestyle and making positive changes. – Olivia Jenkins

58. Heart health is wealth for life. – Bryan Powers

59. Invest in your cardiovascular health, and reap the rewards for a lifetime. – Dickey Reeder

60. Heart health is a lifelong journey. Embrace the journey and enjoy the destination. – Unknown

61. The problem with heart disease is that the first symptom is often fatal. – Michael Phelps

62. The most deadly disease truly is the failure of the heart. – Oscar Arias

63. We can no longer ignore heart disease. While awareness is important, it’s time for women to take action now — to love and protect their hearts while maintaining healthier lifestyles. – Karen Murray

64. I was so busy building my future that I forgot to enjoy the present. Heart problems taught me to live life to the fullest every day. – Marry Denver

65. Heart disease is not a death sentence; it’s a wake-up call. – William Marks

66. Heart disease is no laughing matter. After my father suffered a massive heart attack, I realized just how serious heart disease can be. – Cheryl Hines

67. Do your part, care for your heart. – Unknown

68. You know what’s the difference between a cardiac surgeon and God is? God doesn’t think he’s a cardiac surgeon. – Lisa Gardner

69. Live healthy, stay young at heart. – Unknown

70. Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food. – Hippocrates

71. You can’t control all the risk factors for high blood pressure, but there are some that you can control. The first step is to start by eating a healthy diet. – Dr. Mitch Bianco

72. For those with high blood pressure, exercise and weight loss can help reduce the risk of heart disease. – Sykes Blakenship

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Final Thoughts

Hypertension is a serious health issue that affects millions of people worldwide. However, it can be effectively managed and controlled through lifestyle changes and appropriate medical intervention.

The quotes listed in this article serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for individuals to take control of their blood pressure and prioritize their heart health.

From the importance of lifestyle changes and stress management, to the benefits of a positive attitude, these quotes remind us that good health is within reach for everyone.

So, let’s use these words of wisdom to inspire and encourage us to make the necessary changes for a healthier and happier life.

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